Best Rooftop Bars in America


Rooftop bars are becoming popular in various parts of the United States. People want to enjoy fun times with friends as they luxuriate in a relaxed and unique environment. Setting up a bar somewhere on the roof has worked for many businesses. But there’s more to this than meets the eye. We’ve picked the five best rooftop bars in America, and you can browse the options below to check if your local bar ranks on our list.

The Nest Rooftop at Thompson Seattle, Seattle

Located at the top of Thompson Seattle hotel, the Nest rooftop is a one-of-a-kind luxury lounge that’s popular among locals, thanks to the adjacent unobstructed views of Elliot Bay, downtown skyline, and the Olympic mountains.

The velvet couches, warm interior, and the relaxing breeze from the semi-enclosed sidewalls create a perfect environment for an afternoon drink or late-night dinner. Take your loved ones to this hangout spot, and they will surely admire your unique taste.

If you’re looking to take some time off from the busy work schedule and relax in a calm and comfortable environment, this is the place to be. With a low-lying retractable roof and spacious, well-decorated interior, Nest rooftop has been designed to meet and exceed your expectations. The next time you’re in town, stop at this innovative rooftop to take some quick bites or taste their signature cocktails.

Six Feet Under, Atlanta

Six Feet Under is Atlanta’s most popular rooftop bar, with two active locations within the city. From their locally made beer to the extensive seafood menu, this lounge is unique in its own right. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can visit any of its locations: Grant Park or Westside.

For those looking for an adjacent surrounding that’s calm and collected, you can head to the location on Memorial Drive. Here the rooftop lounge overlooks the Oakland Cemetery, one of the must-see places in the city.

If you’re a tacos fanatic, you can as well try the Southern catfish tacos served in this bar. However, you shouldn’t expect some sophisticated art-deco or any flashy furnishings. Instead, live plants around the rooftop give the perfect green-themed outdoor inspiration.

74WYTHE Rooftop Bar, New York City

Located in some posh neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, 74Wythe is the go-to multifunctional hospitality avenue that features 15,000 square feet across three stories and four interconnected spaces.

The 5000-square-foot rooftop is the highlight of this avenue, where you can sample both the local and signature dishes, cocktails, and wine collections while enjoying the sweeping views of the Manhattan Skyline. This rooftop bar is also a beautiful space that offers the perfect hangout spot in and around the city. 74wythe is common among locals and tourists, thanks to the serene environment and the relaxed atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Whether you’re planning a late-night date or looking to host a couple of friends around New York, this NYC Rooftop venue bar has got you covered.

Three Sixty, St. Louis

Located approximately 400 feet above downtown St. Louis, the Three Sixty rooftop bar offers unobstructed views of the entire city. Here you enjoy a bird’s eye view in all directions, from the busy St. Louis streets right into the city’s baseball park, the “New Busch Stadium.”

If you are looking for a fancy rooftop bar where you can live large and party all night long, Three Sixty has got you covered. The colorful strobe lights, lively people, and friendly staff sets the right atmosphere for fun times and delightful moments.

For the wine lovers, Three Sixty is home to a bespoke collection of local and exotic wines. The fire pits, multiple indoor bars, open kitchen, and specialty bites such as roasted BBQ oysters make this hangout spot an all-around entertainment hub. Live DJ sessions are also a thing here, especially on Fridays and Saturday nights.

El Techo de Lolinda, San Francisco

From the name itself, you already know what to expect from this bar: style and elegance. El Techo de Lolinda is one of its kind. Located on top of Lolinda Steakhouse, it’s the best rooftop lounge in the city where you can grab a tequila cocktail or some Latin-American street food.

San Francisco is renowned for the eclectic mix of architecture, Golden Gate Bridge, and cable cars. Finding a nice rooftop bar in this city is a big deal. Here you get to enjoy views of the many attractions this city offers, from the distant rolling hills to the posh old mansions.

The next time you’re in San Francisco, make sure to stop by this rooftop bar and enjoy the fresh foods, unique cocktails, and incredible views.

Closing Comments

As much as you want to socialize, party, and have a good time, your adjacent environment can play a critical role in shaping up your entire experience. The above rooftop bars are unique and popular, and they’ve passed the test of time in amazing its customers and fulfilling their entertainment needs.

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