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When a particular body part becomes itchy, it can be such a nuisance if you cannot reach it. Trying to twist your arms in any way possible to reach ‘that’ sweet spot and scratch it. THE RELIEF THAT FOLLOWS!

But what about people who cannot twist and turn like an athlete? What if they can’t due to any muscle injury or other body conditions.

To satisfy any itch, we recommend, the best scratcher stick to ease you of those frustrating irritations. Read on to find out the best product in the category

Reviewing the Best Scratcher Stick of 2021

1. Snowyee Backscratcher for Women and Men – 3 PCS

Snowyee Backscratcher for Women and Men

Our best pick is the 3-piece scratcher stick set by Snowyee. These are the best extendable scratcher stick that you will find. The set comprises of three different claw carrying scratcher stick, for the whole family.

These include Hand, Bear, and Eagle claw fingers. The different variety caters to different itches. No matter where you are or what the time is, wield your scratcher stick and scratch away.

Snowyee scratcher stick have a rubber firm handle and are fashioned from durable materials. These extend from 7.8 to 22. 84 inches, staying sharp and in shape to bust any itch.


  • The extendable Scratcher stick does not collapse on the force.
  • Three great designs to pick from.
  • Quite sharp, and do not wear away.
  • Will not swivel or rotate when force is applied.


  • May feel sharper to some scratcher.
  • Leave slight scratching marks when used on bare skin.

2. Back Scratcher for Men and Women – 2 PCS

Back Scratcher for Men and Women

Next in line to stick, the itch in place is another extendable scratcher stick by Neopoo. This two-piece set has two designs of claws. A wide rake shape and the ever-powerful bear claw.

The stainless-steel design backed by a silicone rubber handle proves sturdy to withstand forceful scratches. It extends from 8.28 inches to 22.65 inches. Why ask someone else to scratch you, when you can do it yourself.

This telescoping scratcher stick is best if you want to put severe itches to sleep. As the claws are quite sharp to reach through layers of clothing too.


  • It has a variety of two different sharping claws.

  • Extendable design reaches any length of itch.

  • Stay sharp and in shape.

  • Made from rust-resistant durable materials.


  • Very sharp leaves marks on bare skin.

  • Rod is a bit insubstantial when fully extended.

3. Back Scratcher by Aznrszy – 2 Pack.

Back Scratcher by Aznrszy

All men and women beware, as the scratcher stick and massager are in the house. Fashioned from stainless steel and polished wood for a handle, this scratcher stick had to be on our list.

The stick telescopes from 7 to 20 inches. That’s not all! If you have some tense muscles here and there. It deals with those too, with its stainless-steel massage ball at the end. The wide racked claw, with multiple sharp, rounded teeth, works wonders on maddening prickles.

A scratcher stick that fits your pocket, and de-stresses you without much hassle, does deserve some recognition.


  • Multipurpose scratcher stick and massager.
  • The telescoping design extends long enough to reach any spot.
  • Rustproof and durable built.
  • Wide rack shape covers more surface.


  • Collapses on putting more pressure.
  • No variety in claw designs.

4. RENOOK Back Scratcher – 2 Piece

RENOOK Back Scratcher

If you are not a fan of steel and man-made items. Here’s is a natural wonder for you. Renook makes one of the best scratcher sticks. These are hand-crafted from bamboo, each scratcher stick is a unique masterpiece.

The end has a small hole that allows the user to hang it out of sight. That’s not even the best part. What strikes us most is its incredible flexibility. It won’t snap on bending or throwing.

It measures 16.5 inches. Moreover, it has a curved hand-shaped claw with finger-like grooves. A standard scratcher stick, perfect, for itching and massaging any given length.


  • Environmentally friendly, no plastic or metal.
  • Impersonates natural hand scratching.
  • Very flexible, does not break when on slight bending.
  • Will not leave scratch marks on your precious skin.


  • No sign of telescoping.
  • Scratching claw wears away with time.

5. VASTOOLS Large Telescopic Back Scratcher – 3 Pack

VASTOOLS Large Telescopic Back Scratcher

Vastools has another set of scratcher sticks enough for the whole family. This set comes in a small pouch to store them and keep them safe when not in use.

The claws have curved rack layouts, are 2 inches wide. Cover a greater area, and the curved claw easily adjusts to your curves. The Vastools scratcher stick measures 7 inches when closed. When you pull it apart, it reaches up to 24 inches, which is enough length to reach any faraway spot on your body.

When the itch presents itself, Vastools does not disappoint, with its multi-colored stainless steel and silicone coated scratcher stick.


  • Curved claw sits well on varying body contours.
  • It comes with a handy storage bag.
  • Firm grip form silicone coated handle.
  • The telescoping design extends to the desired length.


  • Are not sharp enough for some individuals.
  • Collapse when much force is applied.

6. AKUNSZ Back Scratcher Wood Handle

AKUNSZ Back Scratcher Wood Handle

Another wooden scratcher stick ready to woo your heart and shoo away the nasty itch. If you want something useful, yet aesthetically pleasing, then AKUNSZ brings you a 16.9-inch stick to scratch your frustrations away.

The claw is the shape of a human hand. With 5 fingers on its claw, sharp enough to take care of any scratch. This backscratcher stick has curves to either massage on your aching muscles, or improve grip when trying to scratch a faraway spot.

A unique Chinese Zen symbol takes center stage on its claw. So, it isn’t just a scratcher stick, but it is a showpiece too.


  • Claw mimics natural scratching of hand.
  • Its claw isn’t harsh on your skin.
  • Indentation aid grip of the user.
  • Full marks in good looks.


  • The length cannot be adjusted.
  • It takes a lot of storing space.

7. Back Scratcher for Adults by AZNRSZY – 2 Pack

Back Scratcher for Adults by AZNRSZY

Aznrszy has another backscratcher stick worth mentioning in this list. This is crafted from stainless steel and polished thick wood. The stick has a collapsible design, measuring from 6.9 to 20 long inches. Even if the irritation is the farthest distance away, you don’t need to worry if you own this.

The scratcher stick’s claw has a Rack shape and carries 15 rounded yet sharp teeth. The stainless-steel body makes sure its sharpness stays the same throughout its lifetime of use.

In addition to this, a steel ball at the end of this scratcher stick takes care of your fatigued muscles. Simply roll the ball on the tense area for instant comfort.


  • Multipurpose scratcher stick.
  • Anti-slip and sturdy wooden handle.
  • The extendable design adjusts to a variety of lengths.
  • Compact design.


  • No variety in claw designs.
  • Scratcher is too narrow and covers a lesser surface area.

8. UNIS 3X High-Quality Telescopic Stainless Steel with Comfort Grip

UNIS 3X High-Quality Telescopic Stainless Steel with Comfort Grip - Copy

UNIS Brand is offering a high-quality telescopic stainless-steel back scratcher. This backscratcher is available in a three-pack set, ready to deal with itches of the whole family.

Its body is made of stainless steel that ensures non-rusting as well as durability. Along with an equipped comfortable grip handle, its telescopic body is fully extendable. The scratcher stick can extend from 7.5 to 26.5 inches, enabling it to provide relief to the selected area instantly without any limit of approach.

There are three different color variations UNIS has in store for you. Customers can pick from the available colors; black, blue, green, or purple colored claws and grip-handle.


  • Wide scratching rack claw.
  • Optimum Build and durable quality.
  • Telescoping scratcher design.
  • Sturdy and firm grip for daily use.


  • Claws are a little sharp to some folks.
  • Scratch-end could bend on rigorous use.

9. Wide Telescoping Back Scratcher Extendable 25”- By ATB

Wide Telescoping Back Scratcher Extendable 25

Wide’s Telescoping Scratcher Stick is offered for everyday use with an extendable frame that extends up to 25 inches. This scratcher stick is available in three different eye-catching colors ranging: Orange, Blue & Green.

It is a handy item and perfect for day-to-day itches. The most striking feature of this scratcher stick is its vast head. It measures 6 inches in width, and the whole frame is extendable and adjusts to different lengths.

Overall it is quite durable in terms of build quality and gives one relief in daily dilemmas of back itching. The scratcher stick is also available in a smaller claw size.


  • Wide claw with many teeth, covers a considerable surface area.
  • Durable and sturdy built.
  • The extendable design adjusts to different lengths.
  • Sharp teeth, poor vide relief in seconds.


  • Telescoping does not lock in one place.
  • Breaks of extensive and repetitive use.

10. Mudder’s 4 Piece Back Scratcher Set – Black

Mudder’s 4 Piece Back Scratcher Set

Last on our list is Mudder’s set of 4 scratcher sticks. Which are dedicated in design to reach out-of-hand-places for various people. This scratcher stick is beneficial to everyone, like elders or pregnant women who struggle with inconvenience in movement.

Effective in relieving any itch instantly. This scratcher stick is portable and can be carried and stored anywhere or on-the-go. It is made of Stainless-Steel, which is not only strong and durable but also rust-resistant.

The scratcher stick’s size is about 7 to 26 inches. The stick can be locked in different lengths to reach your desired area.


  • Fully retractable design.
  • PVC handle renders it lightweight.
  • It comes with a Carrying Bag, which increases portability.
  • Wide claw with many teeth soothes bigger areas of irritation.


  • Extensive use may lead up to pulling apart of the device.
  • Not much variety in claw designs.

Buyer’s Guide to Grab the Best Backscratcher Stick

What comes to your mind when you think of a hard to reach itch? Frustration and fatigue only scratch the surface when a person finds themselves in such a condition.

What you need to satisfy your irritation is the best scratcher stick. Here are somethings that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a scratcher stick for your irritated self.

1. Scratcher ‘Stick’

Why we recommend a scratcher stick is no rocket science. A scratcher stick acts as an extension off your arm to the hard to reach the sweet spot. So, the lengthier the scratching stick is, the lesser the amount of energy and fatigue you must face.

2. Material

To get hands on the best scratcher stick, choosing the right material is vital. Plastic scratcher are trash, so don’t even consider going there.

Stainless steel and wood are your remaining choices, out of which we highly recommend the former.

A stainless-steel scratcher stick does not wear away with time. Not only it stays rust-resistant, but steel proves to be quite sturdier too.

3. Extendibility

Scratcher stick that is telescopic in the design is your best bet. Why? They can adjust to different lengths, which is what makes a telescopic scratcher stick worthwhile.

Do take notice of the scratcher stick’s ability to lock at different lengths. Otherwise, it will keep collapsing and fail to do its function.

4. Claw

Your scratcher stick must have a sharp claw. Though not too sharp to leave traumatizing cat-scratch marks on your skin. The wider the claw, the better it is at covering more area.

Do look for variety too, like that of the first item we reviewed. Different types of claws manage different itches more efficiently.

Lastly, a claw should never swivel or rotate, as it will lose all-purpose if it is not able to scratch and keeps doing a 360 turn over and over.


People who have movement restrictions, disabilities, or other complications which make it hard for them to reach various itchy body parts, must own the best scratcher stick. While all of the products mentioned above are great in their own way, Snowyee Backscratcher for women and men takes the cake any day. With it’s sharp claws, durable extendable design and a firm hold, Snowyee’s back scratcher is unlike any other. We strongly recommend it to fend away any itch!

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