Best Sensory Toys For Babies



Are you looking for some affordable and engaging sensory toys for your babies? Here we will discuss some of the best and affordable sensory toys perfect for the holistic development of babies of all ages. Sensory toys help babies develop their senses and explore new experiences.  Maths and numbers are life skills so kids should pay attention to them and here are some excited mathematics toys which will help the kids to learn and play.

Here are the most suitable toys for babies enhancing their sensory skills.

Crawl Ball

The most favorite choice for all the new mommas and their babies is the crawl ball. The ball is perfect for the baby crawlers, as the ball rolls perfectly on the ground that makes chasing it fun for the babies. The ball has little interactive animals all around it. You can slide or twist them or push the buttons. 

The toys have an in-built voice which pronounces the colors, numbers, and name of animals. It is also visually stimulating for the babies as it lights up when moving. It is one of the safe and affordable baby sensory toys.

Musical Instrument Set

The second on the list is the musical instrument set. These are high sensory toys for babies that can develop their hearing skills. You can find different instruments in shapes and sizes perfectly suited for the baby’s interest. It is super affordable. It comes with seven pieces of musical instruments. It comes with wooden stacking blocks that help strengthen the baby’s movement and visual coordination. Playing music helps stimulate the hearing senses in babies.

Discovery Cube

The next on our list is the discovery cube. With the toy, you can play different activities like putting the star or the ball inside. Due to its high contrasting images, it is visually attractive as well as stimulating for the babies. There are many objects available with the toy. The toy helps in developing the motor skills in babies by stimulating the objects within it. It also helps in eye-coordination for the babies.

Rattle Set

Another sensory toy for babies is the rattle. This set helps in the overall development of the baby. The rattle sets are suitable for newborns to toddlers. The toy stimulates their sensory skills, visual skills, giving them an idea about the shapes and sizes of objects. 

Most rattles are available in high contrasting colors that promote their visionary growth. It also develops the babies’ sense of touch from the various textures of the rattles. It also develops babies’ hearing ability due to different sounds attached to the rattle sets. It is a perfect toy perfectly suited for the baby’s hands.


The other sensory toy that qualifies the list is the peek-a-boo set. It is one of the perfect toys for younger babies. This toy can keep them occupied during their tummy time. It is similar to a pee-ka-boo game, where there are pictures hidden inside, say, fish scales in a fish design.

It also has a child-safe mirror that can help increase curiosity in babies. It keeps them engaged for a longer time. The toy is visually stimulating as well due to its high contrast colors. It also makes a squeaky sound, the most favorite sound for babies.

Busy Doors

The final sensory toy that qualifies the list is the busy doors. The toys have flaps that help them see the images beneath them. It has a door with keys that show stimulating images. The toy is a complete package for the overall development of babies. 


These toys are best suited for babies within 12 months to 36 months. The toy comes in bright colors. It is the reason why babies often get attracted to the toy. Like in the busy doors, the toy has numbers when the door is open, it makes some sounds that help in developing the baby’s hearing senses. Such sensory toys help kids develop their motor senses and skills.

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