Best Sites To Find Background Music For Your Videos


A creator puts his best efforts into creating something that will reach the audience and mark his place on a platform. However, it is only a few of such persons who end up succeeding. To reach a wide range of viewers, music plays a crucial role. Background music added to a video works as a cherry on top of the cake. Although, finding the best tune for your video is a whole different story. With such a wide array of websites out there claiming to have the best sounds, you cannot be blamed for your confusion to find the best. We have done the job for you. Read on to find the best royalty free background music out there. 

  • Hooksounds

Hook sounds are the website for you if you take content creation seriously. With a vast library containing a variety of songs, you have the freedom of picking a song according to the theme of your project. What separates Hooksounds from the rest, however, is its financial adaptability to all kinds of users. The plans start at $29 per month. The business membership is worth $49 monthly. But, the user has the freedom to choose a custom plan tailor-made to their requirements. Additionally, the licensing procedure is user-friendly.

  • AudioBlocks

Audio blocks are the audio branch of StoryBlocks. You can find a sound here for almost all your needs. The credit has to go to the categories and the search bar for a seamless experience when looking for a suitable tune. If you decide to pick a tune based on a genre, AudioBlocks has got you sorted. Prefer to use fresh sound? The home page brings you the latest releases. Also, if you want a tune picked by experts, AudioBlocks has a dedicated team to distinguish commendable music. You can become a member at $99 per year, which is quite reasonable. 

  • AudioJungle

Any list for royalty-free background music is incomplete without Audiojungle. A forerunner in the websites specializing in music, AudioJungle can show for the hype it has created, too. First in the list of its superiority among its counterparts is the excellent searching program. A simple search bar takes care of your music hunt. Further, the sounds are categorized by genres, moods, and content niches as well. The best thing about it is definitely the pricing. Not a fan of annual or monthly memberships? AudioJungle allows you to pay for specific tracks that you want to use as well. 

  • Freeplay music

Freeplay is a website that caters to the needs of all kinds of creators. Whether you want a tune for personal use or are a business looking for music for their next marketing project, Freeplay has got you covered. It is practically free if you are using it for personal use and the tracks start from $0.99 for business uses. The home page shows you all the fresh and latest tracks. Moods and genres are combined to make genres that help to find those very specific sounds that you are looking for. Also, there is a long list of traditional genres and scenes as well. The licensing process is hassle-free as well.

  • Epidemic Sound

A platform with a wide variety of sounds is Epidemic sound. It has more than 35000 tunes in its library. The epidemic has a sound for every video and every creator. The website offers a one-month free trial for all users. Under the trial period, you can download and publish as many songs as you want. Also, you can cancel the subscription whoever you want. However, we doubt that you’ll be willing to cancel, owing to their competitive pricing. If you use it for personal reasons, it will cost you $15 per month. For business reasons, the price goes up to $49. The licensing process could be easier. The epidemic has a bundled licensing terms for you which makes it more convenient.

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