Best Sports Bonuses to Choose in 2021

Of all the tactics online sportsbooks use to attract and keep customers, betting bonuses are the most effective. Bookmakers designed a range of sports betting bonuses that may run as promotions to promote their brands and products. These bonuses are typically offered as free money or playing credit added to the bettor’s account.

Most sports betting bonuses are universal among all sportsbooks, albeit with different names and varying terms. Individual sportsbooks also offer a range of bonuses uniquely designed for their customers. When it comes to picking a bookie to place your bets, it pays to consider the kinds of bonuses they offer. If you bet on sporting events, you are able to get your hands on these bonuses for sportsbooks.

Here are some of the most rewarding sports bonuses you should look out for if you are looking to save on your bets.

1. Welcome Bonus

Sportsbooks and casinos use the welcome bonus, also known as the new signup bonus, to entice new players to sign up with them. The welcome bonus is typically a percentage of the funds a first-time bettor deposits with the sportsbook. A 100% sign up bonus, for instance, means that the house will match whatever the new signup deposits. Note, however, that this bonus often has limitations to which you must pay close attention.

If you plan on long-term sports betting, the welcome bonus should not be the sole determinant of whether you should sign up with a sportsbook. The welcome bonus is an excellent gift for individuals venturing into sports betting the first time and need the bonus to practice and learn.

2. No Deposit Bonus

As its name implies, a no deposit bonus is a type of bonus offered by a bookie to a bettor without requiring them to deposit funds into their account. This is the most attractive sports betting deposit for the apparent reason that you do not need money to get it. However, there is always a catch that will vary with sportsbooks. Most bookies may limit the forms and values of bets you can place or restrict the withdrawal of winnings until the player makes a deposit.

The no deposit bonus is great for sports bettors looking to compare different sportsbooks before settling on the best. Bookies offer this bonus to enable bettors to try out their platform and try out their features before committing their funds.

3. Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are designed to help bettors boost their stake and maximize their winnings. Most bookies offer this bonus sparingly – often once or a couple of times monthly, to keep players active. Some sportsbooks offer this bonus only at specific times or for particular matches. If you bet regularly, this bonus will be invaluable should you find a bookie whose conditions favour your strategy.

To take full advantage of the reload bonus, find a bookie that offers it regularly as a permanent bonus. While this offer is often much lower than other bonuses, it is rewarding when redeemed over a long time.

4. Free Bets Bonus

A free bet bonus is not entirely free. The sportsbook may allow you to place a bet worth a certain amount, but you will need to meet all the wagering conditions. As with any other bonus, the terms of a free bet bonus vary with bookies. Most place limits on the leverage on which you can wager, the type and variety of events, and the odds.

Once you place a free bet on a sporting event’s outcome, you have nothing to lose. Should your wager lose, you will need not pay for the wager. However, should your bet win, you will still receive your net winnings.

5. Moneyback Bonus 

The moneyback bonus, or win-win bonus, is probably the most sought-after bonus in sports betting. With this bonus, you wager on the outcome of an event as you would in any case, but the bookie will refund your stake amount should your bet lose. The best thing about this bonus is that it has no compliance requirements.

Bookies rarely ever place conditions on wagers placed with a moneyback bonus. However, it is increasingly common for sportsbooks to return the stake as free bets rather than funds added to your account. 

Sportsbooks have come up with ingenious bonuses to attract and retain sports bettors. While most of these bonuses share similarities, you must read and understand their terms and conditions. Ultimately, the decision on which the best bonuses are will depend on you and the kind of sports bettor you are. Make sure you are claiming bonuses you will use and gamble responsibly