Best Tactical Gifts for Men


It’s quite a code to crack when it comes to deciding what to gift to a man. For a simple reason, they can be tough to shop for, especially when you’re not looking for something fancy like sports memorabilia or an expensive gadget.

You just want to ensure, you gift him something that he not only adores but can use as well. However, when you are dealing with a guy who apparently has everything he could possibly need, it becomes a bit trickier. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be.

We’ve chalked out a solid list of great gifts that any tactical man, whether it be your father, boyfriend, friend, husband, or brother, even your 19-year-old son would be thrilled to have. And the best part of all? These tactical gifts will fit right into your budget. From bad ass apparel to multi functional tools, there are numerous options on this list that will be perfect for them.

5 Amazing Tactical Gifts for Men

Proof Field Jacket

Tough and timeless, a light-weight proof field jacket is one of the best options for a tactile guy. Versatile to the core, it is perfect to take him from day into night and work into the weekend. This type of jacket is usually designed with a secret “stash” pocket. So, if this is your choice for him, look for the hidden pocket to identify it from normal jackets.

5.11 Backpack

A 5.11 backpack might seem like a simple gift idea to you. But, for a tactile guy, it is a very useful and thoughtful gift. And, if you are confused about which one to choose from, always look for some common features. For instance, ergonomic cross-body shoulder strap, quick-access shoulder zips, pockets with headphone ports, dual-compartment for easy packing, etc. These types of backpacks can survive maximum wear and tear, be it from trekking, camping or important military missions.

Field Pocket

Just like sturdy backpacks, a Field Pocket also makes an excellent gift. It is designed using the same tough materials and ultra-durable built. Moreover, it is waterproof, rugged, and padded to keep the valuable things safe through any adventure. The best part? It is compact and can be easily carried around. So, a combination of both 5.11 backpack and field pocket will make a great gift for any tactical guy.

Multipurpose Knife

Despite a range of feature-rich, durable pocket folding knives, a multipurpose knife is always a win-win for adventure lovers. What makes it special is its sleek, minimalist design which is unique from the rest. Besides, there’s no man who can deny adoring a multipurpose tool in their kit!

5.11 Flashlights

Another star in the list is 5.11 Flashlights. Out in the wilderness, it is hard to find any illumination let alone electricity to charge lanterns. Thus, it is great to have a companion that can light the path for your dear ones. Which is why these flashlights make a remarkable gift for an adventurous person.  And, in case you are thinking to buy one, look for sealed ones that can keep out all of the elements — dirt, moisture, dust, and sand.

We hope we’ve made your choice easy and if you’re looking for a place from where you can get these amazing gifts then you might want to consider 5.11 tactical gifts. You can browse through a wide range of products which you can use to surprise the man in your life with these amazing gifts.

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