Best Tattoo Shops In The Chicago Area


The popularity of tattoo shops is increasing in Chicago. According to a survey, almost 36% of people choose to get a tattoo after 18. Compared to older people, college students are more interested in getting multiple tattoos. Nowadays, various adults have changed their mindset and stopped looking at tattoos as a taboo.

Top 3 Popular Tattoo Shops In Chicago

1. Deluxe Tattoo

This tattoo shop was founded in 1997 and is extremely popular in Chicago. Here tattoo artists are known for creating different designs based on the liking of their clients.

2. Tattoo Factory

In Tattoo Factory, you will come across experienced tattoo artists. Their shop is open every day for tattoo lovers.

3. Revolution Tattoo

Revolution Tattoo was established back in 2004. You need to contact them to find a suitable to discuss the tattoo design.

Reasons Why Best Tattoo Shops Are So Popular In Chicago

Here are the most compelling reasons why the best tattoo shops are gaining more popularity than ever before in the Chicago area. Meanwhile, visit the following link to buy the most trusted tktx numb cream.

1. People Follow Tattoo Shops On Social Media

Social media has promoted the best tattoo shops worldwide, and several tattoo artists have shared exceptional tattoo designs. Before people started using the internet, they didn’t understand much about tattoo design unless they visited any parlor.

Nowadays, social media channels including Instagram and Pinterest are filled with creative tattoo designs created by artists in popular shops. Every time tattoos open social media, they can’t keep them away from the influencers who regularly share trending tattoo designs.

Tattoo shops are making benefits due to the growing interest of Pinterest and Instagram users. You can see millions of followers in the most influential tattoo artists who are looked at as online celebrities.

2. Television Shows Showing Tattoo Designs Of Popular Shops

Tattoo designs started gaining popularity in Chicago after the year 2005. A popular TV show was premiered that year about tattoo studios. This show was named Miami Ink. Before that particular show, various people were unaware of how the tattoo was created.

Since most people won’t be considered getting a tattoo after hearing the negative effects of getting the designs, this show was a game-changer in Chicago. Furthermore, the owner of that show became extremely popular among tattoo lovers.

Several people want to get a tattoo designed by the owner. Miami Ink was aired in more than 160 countries. Hence, you can easily understand that the show surely changed how people look at tattoo designs.

3. Celebrities Promote Tattoos By Flaunting The Trending Design

There are several celebrities and actors around the world who sport tattoo designs. Various celebrities can be recognized even if their fans only see the tattoo design. Fans remember every little about their favorite actor and actress.

So there is no surprise; they take inspiration after looking at the top celebrities flaunting their new tattoo design.  Moreover, when celebrities get their latest tattoo, the media also show and promote the designs. Nowadays, you can find posts about celebrities on all the websites because people take inspiration from influential people.

4. Tattoos Are No Longer A Taboo

There was a time when getting jobs was difficult when the jobseeker got a visible tattoo design. Nowadays, most companies have stopped looking at tattoos as a negative part of a jobseeker’s personality. They have started accepting tattoos as an employee’s personal choice. However, there are some exceptions, and many big companies still won’t hire a flaunting tattoo design.


We hope now you understand why the best tattoo shops are gaining popularity in Chicago. You must visit a popular shop with a good rating to get a tattoo because a new artist might not provide the desired result. Those who are looking for permanent tattoo design should find the most experienced tattoo artist in Chicago.

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