Best terminal emulators you need to use on Android


To replicate the working of the traditional terminal computers, terminal emulators have been developed. When this emulator is installed in the device, it makes your device appear as a terminal computer.

Android these days has become a part and parcel of our life. We perform lots of activities in our daily life with Android just by swiping or tapping on the screen. Gone are the days when people would use command-line programs. However, many people still need them because they want to get more power on their Android devices. Below we are going to talk about a few terminal emulators that you can use on your Android devices for various purposes:

1. Termux

If we have a look at the download counts of Termux, we can easily get that it is one of the most commonly used terminal emulators for Android users. The user interface of Termux is very colorful and attractive. Android users can easily access packages of Linux by downloading them on their devices. Termux is highly useful as it allows you to manage all the packages from your device in the same way you would manage with your desktop computer. Termux is free of cost that makes it a favorite of everyone.

2. Termius

Termius is another emulator that provides support to lots of things that Android users could never expect with the limited power of Android. Two-factor authentication makes the entire process safe for you when you connect with the mainframe remotely. Although Termius is not free and you get in the price tag of 99.99$, the features that it comes with are worth spending money for.

3. JuiceSSH

JuiceSSH has a powerful feature of getting connecting with any device using SSH connection seamlessly. This emulator app comes with lots of features such as support for external keyboard, pop-up keyboard with all those characters on it which are not found commonly, copy and paste feature, font size changing feature with the help of volume keys, support for local Android and whatnot.

4. CommandBot

CommandBot is a unique kind of emulator that allows the user to create a command-line of his own. One of the best features that come with downloading CommandBot is the handling of multiple sessions in parallel. Now with commandBot, the user can easily copy-paste his stuff between different apps. In terms of its performance, it works excellently. This emulator app is free.

5. Terminal Emulator for Android

It is one of the simplest command-line software. It can support multiple devices. People who are in the learning stage of the command line can opt for Terminal Emulator for Android. This app can be downloaded free of cost from Play Store.

The bottom line

Many terminal emulators work tremendously with different operating systems such as TTWin 4 for windows and TTerm for Linux. tt provides many emulators for every type of operating system other than Android. You can visit and get the type of emulator that you need for your particular needs.

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