Best Tips and Tricks To Score More On Blockudoku


BlockuDoku is amongst the much-loved block games online for commute, boredom, or just for a simple fun time. You may lose track of your time just within minutes of getting into this puzzle. The tutorial pretty much explains the rules of the gameplay, but wouldn’t it be great if you also knew how to score better and solve more levels? Simple things go a long way, so here are some really quick and easy tips on solving BlockuDoku and becoming a gaming pro like Markiplier or Kaja Conrad:

#1 – Take your time

It’s tempting to get rid of different shapes as fast as you can. But take your time in thinking about how you can destroy more in lesser moves. Hastily going about might sometimes take your game nowhere.

#2 – Be flexible

Keep your eyes open if you want to score more. Focusing only on certain aspects might not clear as much space as mixing things up would. So be flexible with your solving tactics.

#3 – Go one step at a time

Focus on one thing at a time. Destroying multiple lines and boxes is a bonus, but it shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. So be careful and don’t apply guesswork.

#4 – Leave room for 3×3 blocks

Keep space for at least one or two 3×3 blocks. It’s a monster piece, and having that space ensures that you don’t run out of moves.

#5 – Make streaks and avoid special figures

Streaks-and-squares is the key! You score +9 points for every successful streak that you make. That’s easier to do and helps you score more. But avoid waiting to make particular figures – just snatch at a chance because waiting hardly gets any perfect piece, and you even lose out on better moves.

#6 – Don’t build a wall

Waiting for the right combinations to pop up, slows down your gameplay. Not putting the available pieces into the right place also gets you out of moves. So just act mindfully, don’t overbuild, and keep going at the game.

#7 – Keep the board clean

Your aim is to destroy more and not build more. Start from the edges and work your way inwards. If there’s no space for new blocks, the game might end.

Excited Young woman playing blockudoku

So these are some BlockuDoku tips for you! Our final suggestion is to keep going and not overthink – BlockuDoku block game is no rocket science, it’s a fun and addictive puzzle that’ll keep you away from your everyday anxieties. 

We hope these simple strategies will help you rock at BockuDoku like a pro. Enjoy!

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