Best Tips for decorating your roof this holiday season


The holidays are such a lovely time of year. Despite the cold, it’s a time for family, giving and love. And by far one of the best parts of it is getting in the Christmas spirit. When it comes to decking the halls (and roofs) with fun Christmas decorations, there’s a lot to think about. So, as the celebrations get into full swing, here are the best tips for decorating your roof this holiday season.

Make sure it’s safe

It’s a family tradition for many to light up our Christmas trees, gardens and properties at this time of year, but the biggest priority should be safety. Wheeling out your tree on your Christmas tree dolly should be the first item on your list. With all the lights, plugs and wires involved with setting up Christmas decorations, there are clear hazards to be aware of, including:

  • Fire hazards
  • Danger of tripping over wires
  • The possibility of injuring yourself while putting decorations up

Especially when putting lights or decorations on hard to access areas such as the outside of your property or roof, it may be best to make sure that your roof is secure and safe before starting your decorations, which your local roofing contractor can provide.

Ensure all your lights are working

Before even thinking about getting up on the roof to fasten your lights and prop up your reindeers, do an inventory check. There’s nothing worse than making all that effort to get up the ladder only to find you’re missing bulbs or your inflatable reindeer has a hole in it. It’s useful to double check that everything is in working order before heading up onto your roof so you can go out and pick up any replacements or make any small repairs.

Work together

Once you know it’s safe to get up on the roof to hang your lights and put up your reindeer, it’s crucial that you work together. Being up so high with hands full of lights can be dangerous for even the most experienced decorator. Always have someone with you to steady the ladder, hand you equipment and be there in the event of an emergency. Plus, it’s much more fun when you have somebody with you to sing along to Christmas classics as you do the grand switch on.

Fasten your lights properly

When it comes to fastening your decorations onto your roof, you want to make sure you’re doing it in a secure way that won’t hurt your roof. Using things like staplers and nails can actually do more damage to your roof than you think, potentially leaving it vulnerable to leaks and mold. So instead of hammering holes into your roof, go for handy clips that can easily be fastened onto your roof or gutters and just as easily taken off. This will mean minimal damage to your roof but a sturdy way to hang up your christmas lights.

The weather can cause your roof to be slippery and possibly icy at this time of year, so remember to be careful and take all your necessary precautions when decorating your roof. Hopefully these tips help you to decorate your roof this holiday season.

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