Best tips for joints protection


It is not easy to live with arthritis or osteoporosis. Your entire life gets affected with even a slight and fleeting pain in your joints. Unfortunately, most of us have to go through pain in our joints as we cross 50. This happens because most of us don’t know what it takes to keep our bones and joints healthy and intact. We all should acknowledge and accept the fact that we need to give special care to our body and particularly bones that start undergoing the process of wear and tear with time. This guide will be helpful for you if you are looking for some ways to keep your joints and bones protected

Quit smoking

‘’Smoking is injurious to health’’ is a well-known fact. It cause inflammation in the body and as a result, it deteriorates the condition of bones and joints. When you are young, you cannot see the harmful effects of smoking because of increased energy level. As the bones start losing their mass due to aging, the effects of smoking on bones become apparent. Before you don’t want to confront the dilemma of painful joint that leaves you motionless and moaning with pain for hours, give up on smoking and start working on your plan of quitting smoking right now

Maintain healthy weight

Your bones and joints in your legs, back and hips are meant to lift your body weight as you walk and move around. However, the amount of weight they can sustain is limited. If you are overweight, it means you are putting stress on your bones and joints. Again, when you are young, your bones can survive with your bones because of increasing the bone mass with time. However, as aging starts, the bones lose their bone mass and don’t get it back quickly and tend to feel frustrated and cause you feel pain with excessive weight. In case you need more information, and talk to Victorian Bone & Joint Specialists

Pay attention to the posture

Using the correct posture keeps your bones and joints in place and does not let put extra stress on them. You should always be mindful of what position you are choosing to sit, stand and walk around. Also, pay attention to your posture while you lift heavy weights

Keep yourself fit with exercise

You need to be more active as you age since your body’s needs to remain physically active increase over time. You should add exercise to your routine. If you are not comfortable with exercise, you can simply start walking for fitness. Walking briskly for 30 minutes a day is very effective for staying fit and healthy

Love your body

At last but not the least, love yourself and your body. Try to understand its needs and problem it has to go through when you try to over stress it with anything such as rigorous exercise. You can also hire a trainer if you really feel the need to put up with several age-related issues.

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