Best upcoming watch straps for 2022

The world of watch straps is constantly evolving, and new designs are being released every day. The Watch Cart is your one-stop shop for all things watches. We’ve put together a list of the best upcoming watch straps for 2022 to help you stay on top of your game!

The Best upcoming watch straps for 2022 are as follows:

1. Royalex Watch Strap

The Royalex strap is a great new leather alternative for giving their watch a modern look. The material makes it extremely durable and gives your timepiece an elegant, classic feel that’s perfect for everyday wear. It also has the added benefit of being waterproof! This will be one of the best upcoming watch straps 2022 as we head into Spring and Summertime!

2. Nylon Watch Strap

Nylon is a material that has been around for years, but it has started to make its mark in the watch world. We expect this trend to continue, and more companies will begin using nylon on their straps, which could be one of the best upcoming trends for 2022. Nylon may not sound like much, but when you consider how versatile and durable it is combined with an elegant look, we think that more brands should experiment!

3. Rubber Watch Strap

The rubber strap is another material that has been around for years, but it still looks fresh and modern. This is a great choice if you’re looking to add some sportiness into your look without going down the route of metal or plastic. Rubber straps are available in all different colors, from bright orange to sleek black, so there’s something out there for everyone!

4. Glitter Watch Strap

Best upcoming watch straps for 2022 1

The glitter watch strap is a great choice for those looking to add some sparkle to their look without being too overstated. The best upcoming trend of 2022 will be to mix and match with other colors, so you can go ahead and express your unique style!

5. Canvas Watch Strap

The material of choice for the best upcoming trend in 2022 will be canvas. This is a great alternative to leather that gives your watch more texture and depth, perfect if you’re looking for something different from the norm! It also has the bonus of being waterproof and extremely comfortable, which makes it an awesome option no matter what time of year!

6. Digital Watch Strap

The digital watch band is another great designer strap that’s perfect for those looking to stand out. This innovative design features a large, round display on the top half, which you can use to tell the time at a glance! We’re sure this will be one of the best upcoming trends in 2022 as more brands start experimenting with new ideas and designs.

7. Mesh Watch Strap

Mesh is a popular material that we’ve seen more and more of over the years. It has a sleek, modern look that will help your timepiece stand out from the crowd! This makes it perfect for those looking to achieve an on-trend minimalist style without compromising quality or comfort, which we think will make this one of favorite upcoming watch straps in 2022.

8. Calfskin Watch Strap

Calfskin is a luxurious material that has been used for decades. It’s extremely durable and feels great against the wrist, making it perfect as one of our best upcoming watch straps. This classic style will never go out of fashion, so you can be sure you’re wearing your watch strap wisely with this timeless design.

9. Leather Watch Strap

Leather has been a popular choice for decades, and we expect this trend to continue as it looks great paired with pretty much any watch. In addition, it’s comfortable, stylish, and extremely durable, making us think that leather will be one of the best upcoming trends in 2022!

10. Stainless Steel Watch Strap

Stainless steel has been a popular material used on watches ever since first introduced back in 1924. We expect this trend to continue as it’s durable, stylish, and comfortable, making it one of best upcoming trends. It will go perfectly with any style, whether you’re opting for an understated look or want your timepiece to be the center of attention.


The aforementioned straps will surely steal out your attention if you are looking for upcoming watch straps, so this all is a full proof package for your watch straps needs.