Best update and Working Kodi Builds list 2021

Kodi builds are unique structured collections of video streaming addons. Which provide specialized skins and give an appealing Kodi interface. Kodi media player is mere open sources that require third-party media to enhance its functionality.  The user can install different addons one by one based on preference. However, they can opt to invest in Kodi builds, including a library of various and unique addons. Technology provided the best Kodi builds to create exclusive Kodi skin/theme.

What is Kodi addon?

Individuals new to Kodi, Kodi build, and addons might find it challenging to install or get the best feature.  Kodi addons are unique features that offer unlimited online streaming content on your Kodi device.  They are third-party software that helps you access online content on your device. However, each addon is unique and provides different content: some add-ons stream movies, sports, live shows, and more. Users can access the best Kodi movie addons from the internet easily.

However, Kodi addons can land you into legal trouble. If the authority gets you handling copyrighted online content such as movies, TV shows, and sports. Kodi is legal software and accessible on various devices such as Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, iPhone, and Android devices.

Kodi addons require Kodi builds to have a complete interface. Kodi can help in reducing the time used in installing Kodi on the devices. It’s advisable to review different types of Kodi addons before installing them on your Kodi. Some of the third-party addons interfere with piracy policies. This risks your account and yourself.

Best Kodi Builds 2021

The internet provides a plethora of Kodi addons builds. Some provide the right content making your online experience great.  However, others bring you trouble, which may affect personal effects and damage your device. It’s best to have more knowledge of each build you settle for. Ensure to get legitimate addons with good background history.

Kodi build malware

It isn’t easy to know the type of addon until the build is completely installed. Some contain malware that can affect your device. Users are advised to install an anti-virus program to help in scanning or harmful viruses.

ISP and government surveillance

Kodi is a recommended app that is legal to install on any device. However, it cannot function without third-party add-ons. The addons are installed from builds derived from different websites. The ISP and government can monitor every activity on your Kodi software. To curb this, you need quality VPN software to hide your identity and location.  It will keep your data safe to help you enjoy the live online streams.

When installing a new Kodi build, ensure to refresh or restart the Kodi installation. Download a new installation on the Kodi website. This will help reduce installation issues that might occur.

Best Kodi builds

1. Xanax build

The Xanax build has a beautiful user interface with a unique design. It is simple and easy to maneuver and access all features.  The interface welcomes the user with an introductory chime when you open Kodi.  The build has plenty of pre-installed video addons, which comes with the Xanax build.  You can expect Disney +, NHK live, NFL .com, YouTube video channels, and music, Formula 1, and more.

For the installation process, the user needs to”

  • First, download the Xanax Repository.
  • Next, click the install button on the repository option.
  • Proceed to the tab “program addons”
  • Now find the build installer and select the best and latest Kodi builds version for your Kodi.
  • The Xanax build is compatible with version 17 and Kodi 18 Leia.
  • The download size of Xanax is 365.18MB

2. No limits Magic Build

The No limit Magic build has various features, such as versions with adult sections. It offers two versions of Lite and a full version build for installation.  The download size is determined by the version the user chooses.  The installation process requires the user to download the No limits magic wizard.  Select the preferred version from the wizard build menu list.

For the No limit magic build, the software allows users to install over top of other existing builds.  The process doesn’t need any deletion or closing addons. However, you can refresh or restart the install to avoid complications during the process.  The build comes with different sections such as TV shows, Movies, sports, and live TV.

The No limit magic build is compatible with different devices. It has a download size of 430.44 MB based on the version.

3. Titanium Build

The Titanium build is among the best build for Kodi. It enables the proper functioning of your device while streaming content using Kodi.  The build works under the supreme builds repository. To install, one has to download the repository and go to the list of repositories on Kodi. Go to the build menu and select Titanium build.  The Titanium build works well with the latest version of Kodi (Kodi 18 Leia). It’s also compatible with different devices like Amazon Firestick.  Titanium has unnecessary addons, it’s safe to delete and leave the essential features. The download size of Titanium is 209.41 MB.

4. MisFit Mods Lite

The MisFit Mods Lite Kodi build has an attractive interface, which gives a great combination of features.  The build is accessible on the MisFit Mods repository, and it’s easy to install.  For limited sources such as Amazon Firestick, the user should select the “Lite” version. The download and installation process might be slow but will eventually complete—the build updates and works with Kodi 18. The download size of the build is 243.02 MB.

The above Kodi builds to fit the best builds category with unique interfaces. There are easy to operate and provide the best online streaming contents.