Best US Online Casinos to Play on & How to Find Them?


Numerous distinct parameters define a great online casino. While they will by no means easily find it, the US players are at least spoilt for choice in the present times. The entire industry has grown to a completely new level in the last few years.

You may prefer one of the newborns, like Kosmonaut Casino, or the old-fashioned popular sites, such as Borgata Online Casino, but you need to dig deep and make an effort to find the right casino, the one that best suits your preferences. Speaking of these, you may be attracted by a broader gaming portfolio rather than a mouth-watering welcome promotion. Nevertheless, the best US casino is the one that gets high grades in as many factors and parameters as possible. What are the main factors?


Safety should be at the top of your list of priorities in all aspects, not just gambling. Well, since numerous fraudsters are operating online, it is particularly important in this niche. Concerning this, you should never sign up at a casino that does not have an adequate gaming license. Search for trusted regulators like the Malta Gaming Authority.

Gaming catalog

You obviously want to have as many gaming options as possible at your disposal. Now, you may prefer slot machines over table games, in which case you will be more appealed by the sites that offer a wide array of slots, and vice versa.

One thing worth noting in this aspect is the RTP (Return to Player). Some casinos promote more games with lower RTP. You should, of course, avoid these. The evolution of gaming we have seen in recent years has enabled countless interesting casino games to be produced, and we recommend checking them out.

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses are usually the main tools used by online gambling operators to attract new customers. We’d see a large banter claiming “Get $500 free” and we are instantly tempted just to register an account there and get that free money. It is, however, a big mistake.

Casino sites do promote these lucrative promotions heavily, but the vast majority of these come in together with harsh wagering requirements. These are sometimes impossible to meet and you will never get to withdraw the 500 free bucks. This is why you should always check the terms and conditions associated with each bonus/promotion you are interested in before taking the bite. Of course, there are more than enough legit bonuses out there and these are all well worth taking advantage of. You should just learn to distinguish them from the low-value ones.



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