Best Video Dash Cam for Commercial Vehicles


The biggest concern of a fleet owner or a fleet supervisor is the safety of their vehicles on the road. Anything can happen in a split second, which can result in significant financial loss and in worst cases, it can cost a human life. Yourfleet’s safety is of utmost importance and vehicle fleet managers do everything they can to make sure the journey is safe, and the cargo arrives on time. To avoid accidents, you invest in driver training, you install safety sensors like reverse sensors in your trucks and regularly service your whole fleet. Still, there are other factors which you cannot control and there will be accidents while on the road. You can also check out our post if you are looking for a reliable Fleetware system that can provide you with effective tracking and management solutions for your fleet.

HD fleet offers the best commercial dash cam, which helps ensure that your commercial fleet protected against all claims when there is an accident. Their cameras can cover your commercial vehicles’ entire surroundings, making sure you have the critical video evidence when there is an accident.

As a commercial driver yourself or a manager of the whole fleet, you already know from your experience, an accident is not always your fault. After an accident, determining who was really at fault can be a long and painful process. On the one hand, you have suffered a loss to your vehicle, while on the other hand, you are losing precious cargo delivery deadlines, which can, in turn, cause you to lose business. With their dashcam and monitoring system you do not have to spend hours determining who was at fault.

High-Definition Video Proof In case of an Accident:

HD fleet’s best video dashcam for commercial vehicles can cover the entire surroundings of your vehicle. You can even install cameras within the driver’s cabin and inside the cargo hold. With a 360-degree view of the whole vehicle, no one can blame you for an accident that wasn’t your driver’s fault. A clear, crisp and real-time video recording of any incident will resolve any conflict within no time and if your vehicle is fit enough after the incident, be back on the road in no time.

It will save you precious time and also help resolve and settle insurance claims faster than ever. Soon after an accident, there is a blame game that whose fault it was? Now, you and your drivers do not need to waste time determining who was at fault. Just pull out the video recording, see it for yourself and show it to the other driver and the Police if needed.

Keep an eye on your fleet in real-time:

Now with their video dashcams, you can keep an eye on your entire fleet without actually riding with the driver. You can see the driver’s view, the side view and even the back view of your commercial vehicles any time you want to.Their dashcams are integrated with GPS, which means you can see your truck’s exact location at any given time, monitor its speed and bearings. You can look inside the cabin and observe the driver’s behavior. See if the driver is wearing his seatbelt and appears to be attentive enough to safely drive the truck.

Fuel and Maintenance Cost Saving:

Equipped with HD Fleet Video Dash Cam for Commercial Vehicles with integrated GPS, your drivers know that you are watching and that their driving habits are monitored continuously. They will drive responsibly and won’t strain your vehicle’s structure by making unnecessary sharp turns and hard brakes.

Smooth driving habits will reduce excess fuel consumption and also reduce maintenance costs. Knowing that they are being monitored your drivers won’t race other fellow truckers, endangering their lives and your fleet. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Driver Safety And Security:

Being monitored and video logged all the time will also give a sense of security to your drivers. They will feel safe from false claims and complaints while on the road. Even in case of a mugging or roadside robbery, they will be having a sense of safety that everything is recorded.Their systems monitor your parked vehicles as well, this will help your drivers to relax completely when they are at a rest stop.

Correct delivery time estimates:

HD fleet’s online dashboard can give you a detailed overview of the routes being taken by your drivers. You will know of the hurdles and road conditions in real-time. Using video and GPS data from the previous trips, you will estimate better delivery schedules and timings. This will give you an edge over other fleets that do not have this system installed. You will be able to offer better estimates and quite possibly the fastest delivery times as well.

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