Best way to clean glass shower doors from hard water stains

Hard water stains are quite disturbing; not only they cause fittings around the house to look old but also they are a potential reputation destroyer. The general assumption among homeowners is that hard water stains are a problem only if you live in a highly industrialized area or large city. The ugly truth is that stains as a result of hard water can appear in any place of the house that is constantly wet regardless of where you are. Simply stated, hard water is water whose mineral content is high. Water is naturally occurring and when it flows, it has a tendency to percolate through rocks and soil. Calcium and magnesium are essentially present in water that has been established to be hard.

Why do hard water stains develop?

If the water that flows through your taps has not been softened, it is highly likely that it will have traces of calcium and magnesium. In areas that are serviced by hard water, most homes have softeners that use sodium to filter water. While water that has been filtered this way will have a great taste, it is going to cause stains if it comes into contact with windows. As a homeowner, you are probably wondering about the best way to clean glass shower doors from hard water stains. Did you know that glass is porous in nature and hard water stains are in fact minerals deposited within its structure?

The Best Way to clean glass shower doors from hard water stains

Hard water stains develop over time so it is possible to slow down the process by having a regular regime for cleaning glass shower doors. When the stains appear, it is best to hire a professional – they have invested in tools and reagents to easily remove the stains. A professional window cleaner has relevant training and experience to battle stains caused by hard water. Most use chemicals that are designed to fight the specific minerals that bring about these stains. Using a cleaning pad that is non-abrasive, the servicemen gently scrub the affected areas. If you have the time, you can buy special cleaning formulations from your local cleaners for DIY.

Even after a hard water stain on a shower door window has been removed, it is important to clean them regularly to prevent re-occurrence. The following tips will maintain the glass windows from staining;

  • Rubbing alcohol – when rubbing alcohol and water are mixed together, they form a solution which can be used to get rid of mild spots caused by water. This is a simple but best way to clean glass shower doors from hard water stains.
  • Toothpaste – when you notice a spot on your glass shower door, put a little amount of toothpaste onto a soft cleaning pad. Wet the pad with some water and rub over the stain. The glass should then be rinsed with clean water and dried using a squeegee.
  • Ammonia – dip a cleaning towel into a solution of ammonia and water then rub it on spots. While it is simple and effective, the use of ammonia can be quite irritating. Some people have reported skin irritation, digestive tract upsets and eye irritation. It is best therefore to wear personal protective clothing to prevent direct exposure to ammonia when cleaning.
  • Vinegar – vinegar can be sprayed directly on the stained spot or a towel used to apply it. Either way, stain removal will happen with erasing. Because vinegar is acidic, it is best to wear rubber gloves during cleaning.

Unfortunately, some stains caused by hard water will not come off and this calls for replacement of the window. Whether it entails an entire window, mirror, pane or piece of glass, the process can be quite costly. Maintenance is the best way to clean glass shower doors from hard water stains.

Tips to avoid having hard water stains in the future

Cleaning is a good way of dealing with hard water stains when they appear but wouldn’t it be great to be able to prevent the stains from forming in the first place? The great solution to hard water stains on glass is using a water softener. Mineral deposits in hard water not only form ugly stains on shower door windows but they also cause excess usage of cleaning products. Hard water hair is hair that has been cleaned with hard water and acquired dryness, irritation and unpleasant look. In modern homes, having a high quality water softening system is a necessity.

If a water softener sounds like the solution to the stains that are constantly forming on your shower door windows, it is time to contact a water expert for evaluation and installation.