Best Way to Promote Business on Facebook in 2020/2021


When it comes to social media, we only see one name on the top and it is Facebook. Billions of active users each day using Facebook. Facebook is not only limited to social media now a days and which is why we are writing this for our users not to use Facebook only for entertainment. We hire experts and ask them to do Facebook Marketing service. For this we trust buyfbpagelikes team they run our business and promote our page and post both.

Now things have changed a lot and people are moving towards online business. When it comes to online business Facebook plays a very important role.

Today we will let our readers know how they can effectively use Facebook and run their online business from home and promote the work from home culture. After and during the Covid 19 Pandemic, many businesses realized how important it was for them to have an online presence.

Only those in this financial crisis survived vividly which have their online presence. Only those who had their online business setup via SEO, Digital Marketing or they have their Facebook Page setup for their clients earned way better than people with physical jobs or business.

Covid 19 has changed the trend and let people know do not underestimate online business presence. In today’s guide we will let our readers know the importance of Facebook in online Business and run their Facebook page effectively.

1: Make a Facebook Page for Your Business:

It is very important to have your own Facebook page. It does not matter what type of business you have; your Facebook page must be there. If you want to establish an online business then Facebook page is compulsory. Whether you have online bakery, cooking, clothing, makeup and more. Online business via Facebook page will help you a lot. People who like your stuff will contact you via your page and this way you do not need any physical space.

2: Make Contact Information Clear on Your Page:

Second most important step is to define your working hours and display your address, phone number and make sure someone is there to reply on messenger. If you do not have any physical address, you can add your home address and personal number. This way clients will have more trust and they will buy from you. If you have website you can list your website in Facebook Page.

3: Develop Website:

Third important thing is to have your own website which can be developed on WooCommerce or Shopify store. It is very important to redirect your clients to your website where they can see more details about your business and read detailed review and description of your service or product. If your business does not require any sort of website then make sure to design your page in most professional way and design each post with full detail about the service you are providing.

4: Design Your Graphics:

It is very important for people who only wants to run business via Facebook Page and do no need Website. You need to design the Graphics of each post whether it is a food item or clothing. Your high-quality post will matter a lot to increase your engagement of your Facebook Post.

5: Promote Your Page on Facebook:

This is the very last step in your online business to start advertising. After you have followed all the steps above and developed an online store or high-quality Facebook Page post. Now next is to run campaign on Facebook and reach more people. You can run campaign for your post which you want people to see more. Like if you want to sell any product. If you want to increase your audience then you can run campaign for Page Likes.


Facebook is a very big market with billions of active users. If we play smartly, we can turn the audience in our favor and can reach more people. The more people know about you the more chances you have to get more clients and establish a successful online business. You can also join any training program which is specially based on Facebook Marketing as Digital Marketing is a skill which everyone needs now a days especially business owners.

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