Best Winter Vacation Destinations for RV Trips


Are you among the 40% of Americans taking a trip each year? If you’re tired of dealing with scorching summer heat, you may want to trade out for a winter vacation. Hitting the road in an RV when the weather’s crisp can make for a memorable escape.

Read on to learn about the best winter vacation destinations for RV trips!

Visit Maine for Wintertime Ambiance

Make your way to Maine for your next RV vacation. While the rocky coast might feel refreshing in the summer months, you’ll love the quaint and cozy vibe of Maine in the winter. From walking through Portland to checking out Old Orchard Beach, there’s plenty to do.

Gaze at the treetops in Acadia National Park. Or enjoy the scenery and charm of Bar Harbor, a year-round vacation destination.

You can cross-country ski or go tubing. And when you’re done, nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate by a campfire.

Phoenix Is Great In Winter

 You might not think so but Phoenix is full of fun things to do over winter. The mild weather makes it a great destination if you’re looking for somewhere that isn’t too cold and with the wilds of Arizona to explore around the city, it’s an RV vacationer’s dream. You can check out the desert botanical garden, look at the Japanese Gardens, walk around the instrument museum, drive up to the snowbowl, the list in endless. If you’re coming from a far-flung state you can easily look into RV rental phoenix to make sure you’ve got an RV when you land. Then, the city and the state are yours to explore. You can drive the city before using your portable hotel to check out the best of Arizona. The best part is that in the winter, you aren’t going to get completely roasted when you step out into the sun. The roads are generally wide and well-maintained in phoenix but if you’re going offroad, make sure you pick up something that’s comfortable traversing Arizona’s rocky ground.

Head to the Grand Canyon

Have you been to the Grand Canyon in the middle of the summer? If you have, you know that it’s swimming with tourists. This popular vacation destination is best enjoyed when there are fewer people around.

That’s why making an RV trip there in the winter makes a lot of sense. You’ll see even more wildlife when the temperatures drop, including elk.

Just be sure you’re navigating toward the South Rim, which remains open during the winter season. And visit this link to find the right vehicle to make the trip!

Check Out Southern California

If you prefer slightly warmer vacation destinations, set your navigation to Southern California. You’ll have access to all kinds of topography, from coastal views to mountainous trails. Head to Joshua Tree to spend time in nature or soak up views of the San Gabriel Mountains.

For a taste of urban life, camp around Los Angeles or Santa Barbara. Inexpensive or free campgrounds abound in Southern California, so you’ll always have a place to stay.

Take in the Gulf

As another option for beating the cold weather, head south to the Gulf and enjoy the ocean. Places like Gulf Shores, Alabama and Gulfport Beach, Mississippi offer stunning views that will provide a welcome break from snowy scenes. Other great stops in Alabama include Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan for refreshing walks on the beach.

You could even make a stop at South Padre Island. And on your trip south, see if you can weave in a stop at Hot Springs, Arkansas. You’ll love soaking in the hot springs after a hike on one of the many beautiful river trails.

Find the Best Winter Vacation Destinations

When you’re looking for the best winter vacation destinations, you can head in any direction and find success. Escape the cold with a trip to Southern California or the Gulf Coast. Or embrace the wintertime magic with a trip up to Maine or the Grand Canyon.

Get more vacation destination ideas to fuel your next adventure. Come back soon to read new articles!

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