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WKRP in Cincinnati is a long-running sitcoms that started in 1978 and ended in 1982. We’re sure many people who grew up in that era followed the misadventures of the quirky staff of a struggling fictional radio station. Do you remember some of the WKRP‘s best scenes? If you don’t remember them anymore, maybe these videos will help refresh your memory, as well as bring back the nostalgia and the laughs.

Here is the list of actors who played the show’s main characters:

  • Gary Sandy as program director Andy Travis
  • Gordon Jump as station manager Arthur “Big Guy” Carlson
  • Howard Hesseman as DJ Dr. Johnny Fever
  • Richard Sanders as news reporter Les Nessman
  • Loni Anderson as receptionist Jennifer Marlowe
  • Frank Bonner as advertising account executive Herb Tarlek
  • Tim Reid as DJ Venus Flytrap
  • Jan Smithers as reporter Bailey Quarters

1. Dropping Live Turkeys

There are numerous Thanksgiving TV episodes that many people can still remember and make references to. But there’s one Thanksgiving episode “Turkeys Away” that will still stand out on social media every now and then. On this episode, WKRP celebrates Thanksgiving by staging a quite unusual and elaborate stunt which includes dropping live turkeys from a helicopter. One of the funniest Thanksgiving scenes on TV, ever!

2. The Phone Cops

Do you still remember this particular episode “An Explosive Affair Part 2” ? If you do, you will surely also recall Dr. Johnny Fever’s paranoid line after he has smashed a telephone: “Don’t you people get it? It was the phone cops!” He thinks he’s on the lam from the “phone cops,” but his fear is actually unfounded. And oh, his smashing the telephone… who could ever forget that?

3. Les Nessman Gives a Lecture on Black Culture

The episode “Venus and the Man” gives one of the show’s characters, Venus, one of his best and most memorable moments (see the ninth video in this gallery). However, Les nearly steals the episode with his lecture about black culture and black influence on music, which you can watch here.


4. “Chy Chy Rodrigweeze”

In one of WKRP’s earliest episodes, there’s a funny snippet where Les comically mispronounces golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez as “Chy Chy Rodrigweeze.” Even after Dr. Johnny Fever corrects him, Les even mispronounces the name the second time.


5. “Monster Lizard Ravages East Coast!”

On the episode, “Jennifer and Johnny’s Charity” (Season 4, Ep. 14), there’s a part where Les commits yet another on-air news boo-boo as usual. The “monster lizard,” which Les reports is “the worst since ’78,” is actually the “blizzard.”

6. Pink Floyd’s “Dogs”

In yet another scene of the episode “Turkeys Away,” Mr. Carlson checks on Dr. Johnny Fever in the booth where Pink Floyd’s “Dogs” is playing, particularly the part of the song with the dogs barking. Mr. Carlson asks Johnny, “Do I hear dogs barking on that thing?” to which Johnny replies, “I do.”

Unfortunately because of the copyright issues by Pink Floyd themselves, the references are removed from the WKRP DVD releases. But here in this original cut, the Pink Floyd references — as well as the joke — are intact.

7. Les’ Groupie

On this episode, Les is surprised to learn that he has a female fan who follows and loves his show very much. The girl then goes out on a date with Les. After spending one night together, she ends up moving with him in his house. This is where the hilarious troubles ensue! Watch this whole episode right here.

8. “Well It’s Goodbye to Elevator Music!”

Program director Andy Travis, who has a flawless record of turning around struggling radio stations, is hired by WKRP in Cincinnati. His first initiative is to change the station’s old easy-listening music format into rock. Watch this episode when Dr. Johnny Fever gets pumped up when he’s about to play the station’s first rock track (and also after being allowed by Andy to say “booger” on air). Enjoy watching the show’s very first episode in its entirety.

9. Venus Explains the Atom

In this part of this episode “Venus and the Man,” Venus tries to convince a gang leader not to quit school, and makes a bet with the young man that he can explain the atom in just two minutes. The scene reveals that Venus was once a high school teacher before becoming a radio DJ. Probably one of the most memorable (and rather moving) moments of WKRP‘s history.

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