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Ice hockey is a sport of ice, bravo, but also for us francophones, an exotic sport. Our cousins in Quebec are obviously far from this qualification since field hockey is a tradition there with even teams playing in the American National Hockey League (NHL) with seven Canadian teams. If ice hockey is a minor sport in South Africa despite the Magnus League that fascinates aficionados, you can find at sports betting sites many competitions and an interesting choice of types of sports betting. For us bettors, ice hockey can be a source of winnings if we play seriously, we bet carefully to test the ice well. If you are already a fan and want to bet on ice hockey, you will discover many leagues and maybe the possibility of betting all year round on your favorite sport. By playing methodically, it is possible to make money by betting on the different ice hockey competitions. Just like more exotic competitions such as American soccer or baseball, ice hockey is also a sport that can be played all year round.

Here you will find precise explanations of the types of bets on field hockey. Ice hockey allows you to take advantage of handicap betting. These types of bets are very limited in South Africa and therefore it is a real plus when it is almost a tradition in American sports. In ice hockey this bet is called the Puckline. You bet on a victory of a team despite a handicap that can be variable. The advantage is to improve the odds of a favorite which can sometimes, even often, be at the bottom of the table. On the other hand, it is a risky bet in a sport where there are fewer points and therefore fewer goals. The odds on  field hockey are rather interesting because, as the pro bettors on ice hockey will tell you, the ARJEL bookmakers are not specialists and you can therefore take advantage of the ill-adapted odds. The fact that few players in South Africa are interested in this discipline perhaps allows the bookmakers more largesse.

How to find out about ice hockey?

This is the problem. Any good bettor must inform himself and see the matches. The bookmakers offer free streaming ice hockey games, which is a great way to learn about this discipline. For the rest, we can not say that ice hockey does not make the headlines in South Africa. To see an ice hockey game even in South Africa, you have to go on a cable channel. You will find it easily. For the NHL, hunt for information on Quebec sites for those allergic to English and for the others, we go on US sites. And in addition to winning your bets, you will progress in the language of Shakespeare. You also have a wealth of information and statistics on the official sites of the clubs. For beginners, focus on one club and bet only on it. However, for other leagues, the language barrier can be prohibitive. If you have any ideas or sources in French for the Northern European ice hockey championships, don’t hesitate to share them with the community.

Ice hockey is a sport that can pay off if you play it smart. The main difficulty is to see the games and to get fresh information. For the rest, the odds are good, there is plenty of material and the bookmakers offer a wide range of competitions.

Ice hockey is not the most popular sport in South Africa and this lack of interest can be found in the French online bookmakers. However, it is a very popular sport in Northern European nations, Russia, USA and Canada. Once again, the most talked about league is the American league with the NHL. Fortunately, there are about ten field hockey championships including the Magnus league, the French ice hockey championship, on online sports betting sites approved by the ARJEL. There are also major international competitions such as the World Cup, the Euro and of course the Olympic Games! Betting on field hockey can be quite profitable, which doesn’t spoil anything! Here are some tips and strategies for betting on ice hockey – which bettors who want to incorporate ice hockey odds into their online betting strategies should follow…

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