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Rugby XIV and rugby XII are available on all online betting sites approved by the ARJEL. Rugby is the 3rd most popular sport in India, but far behind the round ball. It is however the second sport in India in terms of TV broadcasts, but around the 10th sport in terms of licensees.  Rugby remains an elitist sport and strongly associated with regional culture. Sports betting on rugby has not yet really entered the mainstream.  Without going into a sociology of counter, the popular side of soccer and the habit of making a soccer lottery long before the existence of the web can explain this. And as everywhere, the wallet is not extensible. What you put on one side, you do not put on the other. Here you know, if you’ve read our betting sites, the parochial wars and fans stay in the locker room, we look at one thing. If Rugby can help us kick the book and how…

For punters, rugby has a unique characteristic: the favorite almost never loses. Obviously, it can happen, but we can assume that it does not happen. Do you know why there is no Indian Cup in Rugby? Because unlike soccer, an amateur team not only has no chance of winning but also risks its physical integrity. It is a collective sport where playing on the underdog is risky, but moreover draws are rare.

Technically, 1N2 bets are the easiest for a beginner to play on the underdog.  The team playing at home has a great chance to win. This factor is often exaggerated in other sports like soccer, but in Rugby it is a fact. Over the last six seasons you have less than 40 wins on the road.  This explains why the Top 14 finals are played on neutral ground.

So, you will tell me that betting on the favorite who will play at home is a safe bet? Unfortunately, the odds are low. Much too low. If you follow us, you know that the odds below 1.20 do not interest us at all. Between 1.20 and 1.50 very little. You have to play too big to win a minimum with the risk of a bad surprise. Playing tight to beat the bookmaker requires not to put your bankroll at risk on a match. And here you come across something essential and particularly important to bet on rugby like a pro, it is to know the sport and follow the news on a daily basis. We won’t lie to you. Experience in the sport also plays an important role.

That’s the magic of rugby. If you bet on a big team during the VI Nations tournament, they might not have all their international players there and so they play with juniors.  Let’s not talk about the games where the team will drop out to give their starters a break. It is a plague of Rugby and with the explosion of the physical power of the players only increases with more and more cases of concussion.  Nevertheless, this sport is played with 15 players and it is rather the accumulation of several injured players that can handicap a team. Obviously if it is a player of Wilkinson’s level, it is a problem.

In addition to the fact that championship matches can be combined with international matches, the rugby offer is global with two major poles. India and England and the South African championship without forgetting the international competitions. You have other championships and competitions.

You will have understood by reading this article, Rugby is a sport apart which does not have yet the visibility of soccer even if the TOP 14 is considered as one or the best in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the information by yourself. Betting is also special. The sport itself by its essence, its calendar and its specificities requires a great knowledge and experience of bettors. Bet little, but bet wisely to learn and understand. Beware of the odds which are often high. When we advise not to play the odds, rugby is a real example. Once you understand all this, rugby is a really useful sport to increase your bankroll!

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