Big and Tall Recliners For Relaxation

After having a long and exhaustive day, one would certainly wish for complete relaxation. For several years, recliners have been used for this purpose. All a person needs to do is to sink in this absolutely comfortable chair. Besides, your body does need to recover from all the stress it has been throughout the whole day.

The recliners come in all shapes and sizes. It is the matter of selecting the accurate one for the specific person and the availability of the space. For instance, if you do not possess large place then there are some recliners, specifically designed to fit in such small spaces.

However, if you are searching for the recliner chair for a big and tall person then our list below can assist you.  The big and tall recliners come with different features and composition. So, have a look at the list to choose the most suitable one.

1. Stallion Big Man Comfort King Wall-Saver Recliner

To get a luxurious recliner chair, Stallion Big Man Comfort King Wall-Saver Recliner would be perfect. This recliner is wonderfully large that can easily fit a tall and big person. Along with that, it has a very affordable price and complements with a soft arm and backrest.

It is one of the best big and tall recliners, composed of high-quality corduroy like material. Subsequently, the material makes this chair extremely sturdy and comfortable. The gorgeous brown color adds in the luxurious look and goes well with the rest of the décor.


When selecting the big and tall recliners, dimensions need to be evaluated thoroughly. The Stallion Big Man Comfort King Wall Saver Recliner has a following of the dimensions;

  • The width of the seat is 25”
  • Its length is 79” when fully reclined
  • Weight capacity is up to 500 lbs

2. Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Lever Rocker Recliner with Padded Arms

Leather furniture and recliners have great demand in the market as they are durable and soft. Most importantly, they can easily be cleaned by wiping the chair with a damp cloth.

As far as the comfortable level is concerned Flash furniture leather lever rocker recliner will not disappoint you. This product has bustle back cushions and nicely padded arms.

Simultaneously, its rocking and reclining mechanism is quite smooth. You can lean back on this chair back to almost in a flat position. Furthermore, it can be assembled in seconds as it does not require screws to be put together.


  • The Flash furniture leather lever rocker recliner comes with the height of 42”
  • A big person can easily fit into this chair as its seat has 66” width
  • It has the capacity to withstand weight up to 96 lbs

3. NHI Express Addison Recliner

The big and tall recliners upholstered with high-quality microfiber can be a great deal if available in a reasonable price. Certainly, NHI Express Addison Recliner has this feature; also it comes in brown chocolate color.

Despite being lightweight, this recliner is sturdy and provides maximum comfort level. Additionally, it is wall hugger furniture, thence requires just 4 inches of wall clearance when fully reclined. The little latch on its sides aids in satisfying reclining mechanism.


  • This product has the width of 35” whereas the depth is 40”
  • With the height of 40” it can be a great tall recliner
  • It can uphold weight up to 70 lbs

Guide to Purchase the Best Big and Tall Recliners

The reason we have mentioned the dimensions of each product is that it helps customers in selecting the appropriate product. Nevertheless, for better understanding of buying the right product you need to follow the guide.

Size and Weight Capacity

You need to make discreet inquiries whilst selecting the big and tall recliners. Size is the major element you have to investigate thoroughly to avoid any inconvenience in the future time.

On the other hand, recliners for a big person means more weight a chair has to bear.  So, always evaluate the weight capacity of the chair.

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Availability of Space

Planning the interior plays a requisite part in selecting the right kind of furniture. While buying the recliner, firstly decide where you are going to place it. It shall help in choosing the appropriate type of recliner that would also add in aesthetically with your other interior décor.


Every day we struggle with our daily routine tasks and exhaust ourselves to the end of the day. This requires us to have a “treating yourself” session by relaxing. Recliners can be our best companion in this regard. However, if you are a big and tall person then do not worry we have got your back. Some of the best big and tall recliners are mentioned above with a guide to help you find the perfect piece of furniture.