Big or Small Sunglasses: Which ones to choose


Whether the time has come to retire your old sunglasses or if you are looking for a new accessory that enhances your looks, the time has come to buy some new sunglasses! Of course, get ready because the choice is not going to be easy: its versatility allows a practically infinite variety of models. To get off to a good start, we suggest you make a first decision: large or small sunglasses? offers prescription sunglasses.

Sunglasses big or small: first clue, your face

One of the factors that you can take into account when choosing the size of your sunglasses is the shape of your face. We already warn you that opting for large or small sunglasses can depend on many other aspects, but as a starting point it can help you discard the most extreme models with which you do not feel totally comfortable.

In the same way that certain types of frames fit some face shapes better, the size of the sunglasses will also create a visual effect that can be more or less flattering. As a starting point, you can take note of some general tips that can be helpful for a first screening.

If your face is narrow, don’t make the mistake of thinking that smaller sunglasses, such as the POLAROID PLD6042 807 M9, will suit you. Simply, try to make the frame proportional, being somewhat longer in height. But yeah, big sunglasses can look great too. Don’t give them up!

If your nose is wide, large sunglasses, such as the CARRERA CA 1014 003 * 2K will help you make your nose go unnoticed more easily. And vice versa: if your nose is very small, opt for smaller sunglasses models, so that it does not lose even more prominence.

If your face is very rounded, better avoid small and very round sunglasses. It will be easier for you to look favored if your accessory adds a bit of contrast to the face, for example if they are square sunglasses. And if your face is wide enough, the same; better go for large sunglasses, as small ones will create too pronounced a disproportion.

Finally, if your face is small, maxi glasses may not be the best option. You can always avoid the “fly” effect by trying to choose a model of sunglasses that is small or halfway between the two sizes.

However, as we said before … not everything is so simple! One thing is the basic tips on what can flatter your face the most, and then there are the millions of exceptions based on your dress style, hair color and length, etc. And, of course, one aspect that many will not overlook: trends!

Large sunglasses that are a trend this 2020

The fashion for sunglasses varies every year, as does clothing and styles. While some glasses experience a major boom during a season, others remain unfazed by changes. They are always a safe option, like aviator glasses! Do you want to know some examples of which are the best-selling sunglasses?

An example of large trendy sunglasses is the Polaroid PLD 1028 003 M9. These rounded glasses are perfect for showing off a very sixties iconic style, the perfect retro contribution to a rocker and chic style in equal measure. Other models of small sunglasses that are also in fashion this season are the Persol Po 3092. This model is characterized by being more sober and sporty, perfect for combining them with more casual styles. The Californian aesthetic never fails!

Of course, there are also many models of large sunglasses that are a trend this year and that will be perfect for both those looking to stand out and those who want to show off a more sober aesthetic. Your Oakley lenses Holbrook are polarized glasses with brightly colored lenses that not only add a fresh touch to your look, but are also perfect to protect you from the sunniest days without your eyes suffering from the sun’s rays.

And speaking of large sunglasses, another of the hits of the season are the Dior Sostellaire 1 807 YB. This square model is very chic and vintage, and its frame offers the perfect contrast to its size, perfect to dazzle whatever the features or the shape of your face.

Prescription sunglasses for day to day

Finally, there is another factor that you can also take into account when choosing between large or small sunglasses. If your intention is to combine different models according to your look, perfect, but … what if you want to buy some prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses allow you to combine the best protection for your gaze, the correction your eyes need and, of course, the latest trends. In that case, when deciding, you should also take into account which model you want to wear so that, for example, you can see perfectly on the brightest days without having to alternate them with your prescription glasses. You can choose the size of lenses that are most trending so that those sunglasses that accompanies you in your day to day mark the perfect touch of style for your look.

At offers prescription sunglasses we have a wide variety of sunglasses and prescription sunglasses; In addition, you can choose to graduate your sunglasses large or small. The possibilities are endless!

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