Biggest NBA Busts

Here we list some of biggest draft busts of all time from National Basketball Association (NBA)

Jay Williams
The Bulls took him second overall. He had the makings of a superstar until a motorcycle accident sent him to injuries.

Robert Traylor
Traylor was actually drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 1998 before he was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks for the No. 19 pick Pat Garrity and No. 9 pick, who turned out to be future star and MVP Dirk Nowitzki.

Adam Morrison
Morrison was picked by the Bobcats with third pick overall. After a stellar rookie season, he got his ACL torn. Upon returning to the team he was never the same again. He also spent with the Los Angeles Lakers as a benchwarmer.

Kwame Brown
He was drafted by the Wizards with first pick overall. After three uneventful seasons, he became worse in the fourth season when he suffered injuries. He was traded to the LA Lakers, and he didn’t deliver anything for the team either.

LaRue Martin
He is often cited as the worst first overall draft pick in NBA history. The 6’11” from Loyola University entered the NBA with much fanfare. LaRue delivered a poor performance in his four years with the Trailblazers (with only 41.6% shooting average). He left after the 1975-1976 season, just before the Trailblazers won their first-ever championship.

Greg Oden
Oden was picked first overall by the Trail Blazers in June 2007. But in September, even before making his playing debut there, he underwent knee surgery, and missed the entire 2007-2008 as a result.

Michael Olowokandi
Drafting Olowokandi was never a good idea, most of all a #1 draft pick, considering he had started to play basketball at the age of 18. He went on to have ten uneventful NBA seasons.

Darko Milicic
He was drafted #2 overall by the Pistons. But after two insignificant seaons with the Pistons, he was traded to different teams.

Sam Bowie
He was picked #2 by the Trail Blazers (ahead of future superstar Michael Jordan by one pick). But Bowie was sidelined due to injuries, which made him one of the biggest busts of all time.