Biggest Scratch Card Wins Ever Happened


Scratch Cards are a very popular form of lottery. While the kids variant for scratch cards generally gives them candies or toys, for the elders, it gives them a chance to make some money. They are the simplest way of playing a lottery. No waiting for numbers to be revealed or striking out numbers for weeks to win. All one needs is to buy a scratch card from any local shop or authorized supermarket and scratch the silver coated area for the winning amount.

The winning amount is quickly revealed and is easy to confirm with either the store manager or the lottery company. The popularity of this mode has made software developers design online scratch cards for online casinos. This makes it easy for the players to get access to the scratch cards as they can buy them online from anywhere and at any time instead of approaching a shop.

While most people generally win some small amount on their scratch cards, there are few who have actually turned millionaire with just a scratch. Here’s a  list of few huge hits over the years.

Audrey White

He went off to buy a £2 scratchcard but the shopkeeper accidentally ripped off a £5 one. Little did he know that this silly mistake will make him a millionaire. He scratched the card in the evening to see “1 Mil” etched on it and took him few mores readings under the light to actually understand the fact that he now is a millionaire. He won his £1 million at the age of 58 on a Merry Millions Scratch Card.

Grace Walker

When Grace, a housewife from Scotland bought her scratch card, she didn’t buy it using any strategy or statistic. Her criteria were simple, the card has to be in her favorite color, pink! Her favorite colored card soon made her rich by £ 1 million.

Jackie Murphy

When bride-to-be Jackie Murphy bought a scratch card lottery ticket at the end of a tiring work day, little did she know that she is in for a surprise by lady luck. Her scratch card read £ 1 million and it was like the Gods had granted her a wedding gift! She called her partner of 10 years about her win and the winning ensured they had a great wedding with friends and family in attendance.

Lewis Rider

Having pets has other perks as Lewis Rider, a bartender by profession, discovered! While out one day to buy food for his pet dog, Marley, Rider bought a scratch card just for fun. The result was a £ 1 million win. He plans to buy a home and gift his family a holiday trip.

Amadou Gillen

Working as a pub kitchen manager, Amadou Gillen bought two scratch cards during a routine twelve-hour shift. One of them paid him £ 10 and the other, a whopping £4 million. It took him some time to realize that he has actually won a huge sum. He finished his shift and headed home to break the happy news.

Ross Hearst

Ross Hearst had his new year of 2016 start with a bang when he won £4 million. A road worker, he bought his scratch card on the New Year’s Day at a store. He was expecting his first child soon and this money sure took care of a lot of things.Susan Richards

Life changed after a weekly grocery shopping for Susan Richards. The reason was a scratch card bought at the supermarket which won her £3 million. She was working as a carer and had a long working day of twelve hours. She asked the store’s manager to confirm her win and once confirmed, she immediately called up her family to break the big news.Scratch cards are fun and easy to play. With technological help, they are now even easier to buy. While the paper version continues to flourish, the online version too has many takers. They also come in a variety of denominations like £2 or £5 or £10 and more. So if one feels like trying their luck, scratch cards are one good bet.

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