Biography of Patrick Kerr

Patrick Kerr was born in Wilmington, Delaware, the USA, on January 23, 1956. He is a brilliant American film and television actor, famous for his recurring role as Noel Shempsky on the TV show Frasier.

The world came to know him for his famous movies, such as Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000), Domino (2005), and Jeffrey (1995).


The world saw Patrick’s amazing performance as a blind pianist and acquaintance of Larry on Curb Your Enthusiasm, produced and broadcasted by HBO. This famous American comedy television series premiered on October 15, 2000. The show even won the Golden Globe Award for the best television series under the category of Musical and Comedy.

Other television debuts in Kerr’s repertoire include Law & Order, The Drew Carey Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Will & Grace, Friends, and the Friends spin-off Joey. He also appeared as “Clement Brulee” in the Disney Channel’s series Jessie.

His showbiz debut was as the firework expert –Mr. DePinna in 2014 during the remake of You Can’t Take It With You. James Earl Jones was his co-star in this play.

Kerr being active on the American stage, cast in productions like South Coast Repertory and Berkeley Rep at California Shakespeare Theatre. Along with this, he was starred in short films, too, like Random Acts of Kindness, Die Hardly Working, Anklebiters, Girl Trouble, Goldfish, Time Upon A Once, and The Losers.

Moreover, he was part of Disney’s The Lion King, as Zazu, in Las Vegas until its closure.

Patrick Kerr also played the role of a member of Bothan in an episode of “Star Trek: Voyager.” The Bothans are known for their strong telepathic abilities and their capacity to cause vivid hallucinations in others, disrupting their connection to reality. In the episode, a member of Bothan attempted to seize control of the U.S.S. Voyager but was unsuccessful due to Kes’s own telepathic powers.