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Famous American actress, voice artist, and producer Peri Gilpin is a name that needs no introduction. Peri has worked in several TV shows and films, especially her role as Roz Doyle in the TV series Frasier became amazingly popular and boosted her career as an actress. 

Birth, Early Life, and Education

Peri Gilpin was born to a broadcaster James Franklin Oldham popularly known as Jim O’Brien and Sandra Jo Hauck, on May 27th, 1961, in Waco, Texas. Her birth name was Peri Kay Oldham; however, after the divorce of Oldham and Sandra, Peri took her stepfather’s name “Gilpin” in 1969. 

After moving to Dallas with her mother and stepfather, Peri’s family saw her talent and supported her to be an actress. Therefore, Peri enrolled in the Dallas Theatre Center and opted for studying acting at the British American Drama Academy and the University of Texas. 

Peri has a sister named Patti Jo Wynne; she also had a half-sister named April Gilpin, an actress who unfortunately died in 2017. Peri’s half-brother Marc Gilpin is also a famous actor. 

Peri Gilpin’s Career 

Gilpin debuted on TV in 1988 with a crime thriller series called 21 Jump Street by playing the role of Fitzgerald. During the same year, Gilpin got to appear in an episode of Almost Grown

In 1990, Gilpin was seen playing the role of Leslie Matthews in the show Matlock

In 1993, Gilpin moved to Los Angeles and appeared in the 11th season of Cheers. In this show, Gilpin played the role of Holly Matheson. Later, she appeared as Roz Doyle in the television series Frasier, which made her famous on television. Frasier was a spin-off TV series Cheers in which Kelsey Grammer had played the role of Frasier Crane since 1984. 

Even though Gilpin wasn’t among the lead actors on this show, her acting skills got her to win a Screen Actors Guild Award in 1999 for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. 

After Frasier, Gilpin appeared again in an ABC family drama in 2009. The drama was called Make It or Break It, and Gilpin played a supporting role in it. She won a Gracie Award for this drama in the category of “Outstanding Female Supporting Role in a Drama Series.”

Later in her career, Gilpin and Jane Leeves(Frasier co-star) started her own production company called Bristol Cities. Some projects that aired under this production house include Fox network pilot “Minister of Divine” and “The Vicar of Dibley” (an American remake of a British sitcom).

Gilpin also appeared in TV series, such as Desperate Housewives, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and Medium. She also made guest appearances in some films, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Other than this, Peri starred in the movie For the Love of a Child, an American sitcom Men at Work, and the second season of Scorpion

Along with acting, Peri also works as a voice artist. She has starred in several animated series as a voice artist, including The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story (1998), Through the Moebius Strip (2005), Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001), Hellboy: Iron and Blood (2007), and Hellboy: Sword of Storms (2006). 

Peri Gilpin’s Personal Life and Family 

As we mentioned earlier, Peri Gilpin is the daughter of a respected and well-known broadcaster James Franklin Oldham and Sandra Jo Hauck; however, she took her stepfather’s surname after Oldham’s death. Later, in 1997, Gilpin lost her mother to cancer, which resulted in her major interest and efforts for cancer research. 

Gilpin has three siblings: Marc Gilpin, April Gilpin (Late), and Patti Jo Wynne. April and Marc also opted for acting careers; however, April Gilpin died in 2017. 

On May 7th, 1999, Peri Gilpin got married to an artist “Christian Vincent,” and they have been living a happy married life since then. The couple also has twin daughters. Gilpin and Vincent became parents to two daughters through a Surrogate mother, as it was difficult for Gilpin herself to get pregnant and give birth. 

On May 7th, 2004, Stella May Oldham Vincent and Ava Oldham Vincent brought happiness and joy to the couple’s life. Peri Gilpin’s family is currently residing in Los Angeles. 


Peri Gilpin is a talented actress who understood every role she played and was submerged entirely in character. With her exciting career, perfect education, and happy personal life, she is someone that a celebrity might idealize as a role model. 

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