Bitdefender Small Office Security Review


Cybercrime is growing rapidly as many businesses have now shifted to mostly online work. Small business owners often don’t pay attention to cyber-attacks as they believe that they are immune to it and cyber-attacks won’t happen to their system.

In reality, over 40% of small businesses got affected by cyber attacks in the last year. If you run a small business and are worried about the security of it over the web, then Bitdefender’s Small Office Security Software is here for you.

What is it?

The home office security tool from Bitdefender is designed for small business owners who run their business model from home or from a small office. The purpose of this security tool is to safeguard your online business and its activities from cyber attacks and data leaks.

Currently, hackers are focusing more on small and medium-sized businesses because they think they are easier to target and have weaker security protocols in place, when compared to larger companies. The Small Office Security Tool was created specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses  who do not have the resources of big companies to invest in expensive security solutions.

Advantages of Bitdefender Small Office Security

Better Compatibility

Better Compatibility

No matter which computer system or mobile device you use to manage your small business, the Small Office Security suite is compatible with it. This software is designed to work well with Windows and Mac computers, and all mobile operating systems.

Additionally, you can pair this software with an identity protection service which protects your online identity from hackers. Small business owners should also look after the online identity of their employees, as hackers always try to hack personal information about users who also happen to be working from home.

All-in-one Security

The Small Office Security suite protects your computer system and online business from malware attacks, viruses, ransomware, spyware, and all other known security threats.

Prevents Data Breaches

A data breach is the most important thing to consider, as you need to prevent hackers from accessing your system’s data. With Small Office Security software, all the data will be secured with world-class antivirus essentials. Yours and your client’s personal and financial information will be secured without any risk of leakage.

Intuitive User-Interface

The software comes with an intuitive user interface. Anyone can easily install and use this software with no special requirements. It runs smoothly and gives your data much-needed security. You can scan all employee systems and make use of different security features as per your requirements right from the dashboard.

Smooth Performance

The system scan process may take up to several minutes. Unlike other security software, this software runs smoothly even when it has to monitor multiple computers. It also sends you warning messages through notifications if something wrong happens.

The home office security doesn’t consume a lot of resources, which means your team will have more computing power available for their work tasks. You can use your computer normally while the scanning process runs in the background.

Multi-tier Security

Multi-tier Security

This security suite comes with world-class tools that protect you from the latest viruses such as ransomware. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and its traders, a lot of Cryptoware is active online, with the purpose of hacking the systems of small businesses and stealing their business data. With the multi-tier security features of Bitdefender Small Office Security, no hacker can ever get into your system.

Regular Updates

Once you install the software on your computer system or mobile device, you will be notified of new updates regularly. Make sure to enable the automatic update option so that the software can receive new updates quickly, which makes it more efficient in fighting against hackers.

New updates are essential for any security software as well as other software that you are using on your computer system. The Bitdefender updates always come with new security features that safeguard your system from the latest viruses and against data breaches.

Highly Customizable

The software is highly customizable as business owners can use the different security features as per their requirements. When you open the software, you will see several options on the dashboard. You can select the suitable option for system scan, folder scan, etc.

24/7 Customer Care Support

24 7 Customer Care Support

This security software comes with 24/7 customer care support that provides better solutions to your queries and questions. A team of highly qualified engineers can assist you to resolve your queries regarding this security tool.

Small Office Security Pricing

Small Office Security Pricing

This software comes with customizable options. Interested small business owners can customize their plans as per their requirements. At present, there are three different types of plans available for clients, covering 1 Year, 2 Years and 3 Years. You can also select the number of devices to use this software with, such as 5 devices, 10 devices, 20 devices, etc.

Besides this, the software is available for testing purposes for free for up to 30 days. With this extended free trial period, you can test this product to its full potential.


Bitdefender Small Office Security is the perfect solution to protect your small business and its data. The software comes with a cloud-based management module that protects your system 24/7. You can also customize the security features of it as per your needs.

The software is compatible with a range of devices and you can use it on multiple devices with a single plan. Explore more about this software and pick a suitable plan now. For testing purposes, you can try out the free 30-day trial version, which is also available for all PC and mobile devices.

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