Bless Unleashed Classes and Races Guide – Which Should You Choose


Many beginners are not completely sure which Class in Bless Unleshed they are suitable for and want to play. Bless Unleshed is divided into 5 major Classes: Berserker, Crusader, Mage, Ranger, and Priest & 4 major races: Human, Varg, Elf & Ippin. Many players think that Bless Unleahed is not friendly to melee players, but it is not entirely correct. Each Class is not very strong or weak in PVE, and each performs its own duties, and plays a great role in different aspects. No matter what class or race you are playing, you need to equip with enough Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.


When playing in this class, the races can choose from human or Ippin. Easily more of a higher-level character, the Crusader’s strengths lie in his blessing potential and group fights. His AOE potential is limited, while his solo damage is moderate. The main output method is ordinary attack, and the skill is mainly to gain BUFF, which can increase attack power, defense power, and crit for yourself. At the beginning of this game, I felt that the hatred mechanism of the major bosses has always been a mystery, but there is an important passive skill in the later alliance talent: increasing hatred by 20%, which plays a particularly important role in helping the guardian to hold back hatred. There are also passive skills of “20% reduction in hatred” for other players to choose from.


The race is only Varg. The appearance of the orcs and the domineering large axe attract many players. The inflexible movements and the hard-to-hit accumulating skills are also very weak, but it does not mean that the berserkers are useless. In many instances, the berserkers play with a vital role, clean up the mobs within a limited time, and interrupt the BOSS by hitting the damage within a limited time to release high-damage, high-impact skills.


When playing in this class, the races can choose from Human or Elf. It also has a high burst like the Berserker, but its burst ability is lower than that of the Berserker. Mages are masters of arcane ability and utilize the elements around them to take care of their enemies – Exceptional AOE damage and overall utility. In the later game, the Mage excels in blessing potential. The combination of this and its ranged arcane ability make the character a force to be reckoned with. It’s main advantages are the AoE blessings, critical hit ability, and powerful mana regeneration. All this allows Mage to combo off regularly and deal a lot of damage. The AoE damage is especially high and you can cast them really fast due to reduced cooldowns.


Race is human, Ippin. In many dungeons, Boss has nearly full-screen damage and is more frequent. Healing potions alone are not enough to support, and the amount of healing provided by the priest is quite terrifying, and the group recovery ability is extremely strong. At the same time, the priest can also assist teammates to increase attack power, attach shields and so on. Although it is a priest, its ordinary attack ability is quite satisfactory, and it is not as weak as other games in terms of killing monsters, and the priest’s damage skills are also useful.


The race is only Elf. All Elves are known for their incomparable skills in using bows as their most effective weapons alongside magic. With their precise aim and eagle eyes, a Ranger could be a nightmare for any melee warrior. Rangers are expert pathfinders and survivalists who excel in scouting, tracking and ambushing their prey. They prefer to keep their distance, favoring bow and arrow over sword and shield. Traps and snares are their resources of choice.

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