Bookimed — a global medical marketplace for matching the relevant clinic and treatment arrangement


Bookimed is an international healthcare marketplace with 300,000 users monthly. The company cooperates with 622 medical facilities in 28 countries, so may answer all questions regarding treatment arrangement in each country, match you with the most suitable healthcare centers and doctors in your case, and help with logistic issues.

Who is Bookimed?

The Bookimed marketplace realization would not have been possible without its co-founders and team players who are engaged in the creation of a unique and high-quality product. Bookimed is based on three pillars: mutual assistance, honesty, and liability. The company represents patients foremost, so may be called the patient’s lawyer.

The Bookimed team consists of marketers, IT-specialists, but mainly of doctors, who coordinate international patients starting from their requests on the website till coming back home after the treatment. The team is based in Kyiv and Hong Kong and includes over 100 staff members.

Bookimed foretime

Bookimed was founded in 2014 by two Ukrainian businessmen — Yevhenii Kozlov and Ievgen Khotianov who have realized their idea about a single space to find treatment options and get assistance with medical travel arrangements. “We wanted to create a universal platform without any additional charges for patients and opportunity to represent their services for clinics that were kind of,” says Yevhenii Kozlov.

In its early years, Bookimed was a medical tourism startup that was usually equated to agencies. But year after year, Bookimed fought for its place under the sun, its uniqueness, and its possibility to position itself as an influential global marketplace.

In 2017, Bookimed was invested 0.5 mln dollars by AVentures Capital, Andrew Kolodyuk’s venture capital fund. The investments significantly accelerated the process of goal achievement and the Bookimed team players could help 100,000 unique customers till 2018.

Bookimed nowadays

Bookimed’s main goal is providing access to advanced medical solutions for each patient over the world. Each patient gets 24/7 medical and logistic assistance in 10 languages including English, Arabic, and Russian. So as of the same date, the Bookimed team has helped 266,670 patients.

As we’ve already known, Bookimed collaborates with medical facilities in 28 states. But 80% of the Bookimed patients choose Israel, Germany, Turkey, India, and Spain as the most suitable places for their medical matters salvation.

Most of the patients (60%) are from CIS countries, especially from the Russian Federation and Ukraine. But a lot of patients are from the USA, Germany, and Turkey and their number continues to increase.

10,000 unique users search the Bookimed website every day. According to the internal company statistics, people look for diagnostic or/and treatment of oncological, orthopedic and neurologic diseases, dental procedures, IVF, and plastic surgery the most often.

Usually, patients go for treatment of cancer, neurological and orthopedic diseases. But people with rare disorders or those who are looking for the limited treatment methods can find a relevant medical facility on Over the past year, the number of requests for plastic surgery and dentistry pretty much grew.

70% of Bookimed customers have some certain health problems and search the website for finding an appropriate solution. However, cosmetic surgery procedures and medical screening programs boost their popularity year by year.

2,330+ Bookimed patients have already shared their experience and results, written a review, and/or add photos from their trips.

Bookimed future plans

Openness and transparency are the key values for the Bookimed team members. They engage people in sharing their experiences and continue improvement in this regard. To achieve this aim, Bookimed appears in social media, groups people with the same issue together, and invite its patients to the communities created in different social media.

Bookimed tries to be open to each person. The team players talk to people on social media to identify the critical issues, find their solutions, and provide patients with an even better product.

The team exchanges with medical news, discoveries, and clinics’ offers in every corner of the world with the help of Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and shows overviews on YouTube. All these help Bookimed to make access to healthcare options easier and patient’s decision more well-reasoned.

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