Boost Morale in Your Workplace with 5 Safe and Easy Tips

All business owners know how important the duty of care to their employees is, and more so in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.  With businesses set to phase in the return to work, there is much emphasis on making office space COVID compliant to ensure the safety of those who are returning.  With so many staff having been furloughed, or working from home, many employers have taken the opportunity to look for ways of making their work premises a safer working environment, as well as providing a welcoming and more homely feel.  Here are 5 ideas you can incorporate for your team’s seamless return to the office:

Deep Clean

Whether you invest in a regular contract clean or not, you should carry out a deep clean at the very least.  Many staff members will be nervous about returning to work, so their minds can be put at rest when they know that the premises has been cleaned to a sanitary standard.  Carpets and soft furnishings don’t need to be discarded; industrial grade cleaning equipment can be hired to give them a professional grade clean at a fraction of the cost of employing a contractor to do the job for you.

Ensure antibacterial hand sanitiser is available for everybody, and make each employee responsible for cleaning their own workspace at regular intervals, particularly if equipment is shared.

Colour Therapy

Believe it or not, injecting some colour into your workplace can elevate the mood of your employees.  Bright colours help to suppress melatonin levels, which is the hormone that makes us feel tired and sleepy.  A big splash of colour, on a feature wall could be all that is needed.  If your company branding uses particular colours, incorporate them into your décor.

Studies have shown that surrounding ourselves with plants is a good way to keep our mental health in check. Placing a few well-chosen plants around your office could also provide some pops of colour – dual functionality!


Drinking water is essential for brain power!  The recommended consumption is 8 glasses a day, and whilst nobody is expected to drink that amount during office hours, it is important to provide safe drinking water for all.  Invest in a water cooler where workers can refill their own bottles.  Technology is moving on, even in the water cooler sector, and there are now contactless dispensing options available via an app downloaded to your smartphone.


Whilst employees are paid to be at work to do a job, it is critical that they feel safe and secure during their time there. Try introducing one or two home comforts to make them feel more relaxed.  This could be as easy as a break room with comfortable chairs; somewhere to eat a meal away from their workstation.


Personal safety is paramount, particularly for lone workers or when your business is running on a skeleton staff.  Some may feel vulnerable walking to and from the car park, or in more secluded parts of your building.  Installing CCTV adds an extra layer of security for both your premises and your workforce.  It will act as a deterrent to burglars and vandals, but if a more persistent offender does gain entry there will be recorded evidence.