Boost Your Immune System With These Medicinal Mushrooms

So often, you hear the word “immunity” bandied around in conversations about health and well-being. But have you ever paused to consider exactly what this is? Of course, we all understand it’s a “good thing” to have a strong immune system, but what are we seeking to strengthen or improve?

What Is The Immune System?

According to some generalized definitions found floating around the internet by the Troop team, our immune systems are a network of biological processes that protect us from disease and illness. Think of it as the body’s anti-virus protection. Instead of requiring you to reboot or download updates all the time, it detects and eliminates potentially harmful pathogens, including viruses, parasites, and deadly cancer cells. Furthermore, the adaptive immune system learns to recognize nasty bugs previously encountered and provides an accurate immune response (de-bugging response).

As you can see, our immune systems are hugely significant to our health and super intelligent to boot! Such good news, because we don’t know about you, but with the number of superbugs floating around today, our bodies can do with all the help they can get! This is why keeping our immune systems strong, and fighting fit is so important, and what better way to do this than by munching on a tasty medicinal shroom?

What Are Medicinal Mushrooms?

Did we say medicinal mushrooms? Surely not! Perhaps you didn’t hear correctly? After all, if the immune system is so important, shouldn’t we be talking more along the lines of antibiotics and other proven health-related methods? Actually, medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine as powders and tinctures and contain more than a shroomful of therapeutic benefits.

In fact, medicinal mushrooms are powerful antioxidants, hormone boosters, and extremely nourishing for the brain. We bet you didn’t think of any of those things the last time you chopped up a mushroom for a tasty stirfry! That’s because western society has only been exposed to commercially grown mushrooms used as food. And while much research is still being done, it’s only recently that medicinal mushrooms have made it onto the proverbial catwalk of health-related products.

6 Immune Boosting Mushies At A Glance

Spotlight center stage, everyone; below, we at Trytroop, present six magnificent immune boosting, super-sonic destressing, cancer-zapping medicinal mushrooms! Best eaten as gummies, added to food or as a powder rather than eaten raw or whole due to their bitterness and somewhat chewy texture!


The Mitake shroom is the liver’s best friend as it reduces the production and absorption of LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) in the liver. In addition, it’s filled with phytonutrients (natural plant chemicals) that prevent plaque build-up in the arteries, promoting good circulation and healthy blood pressure. Other benefits of Mitake include a positive effect on type 2 diabetes and the prevention of certain forms of cancer.


Chaga packs a powerful punch when fighting inflammation and signs of aging. The Chaga mushie combats oxidative stress, which is fancy jargon used to describe an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in the body. In addition, its also been seen to lower cholesterol (LDL) in rats on a high-fat diet and slow the growth of cancer cells.

Lions Mane

Need a little clarity in the brain department? Lion’s mane could be your answer! This mushroom can help boost the release of (NGF), a bioprotein essential for healthy brain and cognitive function. Furthermore, recent studies have shown it may benefit cognitive function in those with mild Alzheimer’s disease.


The Reishi shroom is an excellent all-rounder. It is capable of soothing anxiety and easing depression, aids sleep, promotes healing, fights cancer cells, and helps with weight loss. How’s that for everything in one?

This mushroom’s secret ingredient is triterpene or rather triterpenes, as the mushroom contains many of these (over 140), which collectively protect the immune system. They are also great at killing cancer cells, balancing hormones, and promoting healthy blood pressure and circulation. Reishi shroom, anyone?

Turkey Tail

Packed with antioxidants, Turkey Tail is the shroom Troop leader in boosting immunity and fighting cancer cells. In fact, in Japan, Turkey tail is an approved anticancer prescription drug, such is its ability to stimulate the production of PSK (Polysaccharide-K), a compound that promotes and improves the immune system.


Are you feeling a little sluggish in terms of energy and libido? Then it’s time for some Cordyceps. Cordyceps can improve energy levels and help with muscle recovery, whether you need a post-workout pep-up or a performance boost. So, what’s the shroom’s secret? The simple fact is that it helps the body use oxygen more effectively and improves circulation.

The Final Shroom

Always consult your doctor first to ensure adding mushrooms to your diet is safe, as some prescription medications don’t react too well when taken with shroom supplements. Once you have the shroom ahead, you can choose a shroom that most benefits you and enhance your immunity, one shroom at a time!