Boosting Profit for Your Business With the Cloud

Despite the frustrations and restrictions placed with COVID-19, many businesses are using the time to brainstorm fresh ideas for improvement and growth.

On a positive note, the pandemic has opened up the opportunity to see where organizations and industries fall short, or behind for that matter. You could speculate that the quick developments in particular technologies, such as 5G connectivity or cloud-capable devices leave some companies behind, thus making across-the-board demand all the more urgent.

Whether you’ve decided to jump on board with the rising remote work trend, or are seeking new solutions to instill new growth in a stable business, it’s imperative to learn about the benefits of cloud technology.

Signs You Should Migrate Your Business to the Cloud

It’s quite obvious that not all businesses are on the same scale as one another when we refer to the number of devices on each network or how many people the company employs. The company hierarchy may be different in terms of who needs access to sensitive data on the network versus who should be blocked to maintain information confidentiality. However, those details can be accommodated later on when or if you choose to switch over since the cloud can be so flexible. What you need to determine first is whether you’re experiencing the following issues in your business.

  • Outdated or Malfunctioning Hardware:Servers, printers, routers or other hardware used to operate vital aspects of your business may start to fail or require replacement.
  • More Than One Office Location: There’s no reason to have separate networks if you share or use a database between each site.
  • No Data Backup Plan: If the servers on your network that store data fail and you don’t have a backup plan or insurance to cover the loss, consider switching to the cloud.
  • Hiring Remote Employees: It’s more productive and less time-consuming to have employees handle specific tasks from afar with a separate internet connection.
  • Permanent Business Growth: An intentional or organized plan to expand your business or take on a rising customer demand should warrant a cloud transition.

It’s unlikely that all of the above qualities apply to your company, or even in the same way as other businesses for that matter. By taking a look at your budget, counting the difference in savings, and figuring out if you have the resources necessary to make the switch, you can seriously improve your workforce efficiency. In case you’re still unsure, check out a few of the following benefits of cloud computing and determine if it’s the right direction to move for your company.

Stronger Data Security

Want to know for absolute certain that your data is safe? Unlike a physical server or hard drive, data that’s stored in the cloud can never be lost due to an equipment failure. Generally, the only way you can lose data via cloud storage would be if you accidentally erased information, overwrote the information or someone gained unauthorized access.

Scale Up Your Business

Conventional data plans and contracts have minimum terms in which you are limited in how you use your data and often don’t live up to the expectations. A cloud migration allows you to add as many devices as possible with no impact on performance, productivity, speed, customer service or efficiency. Whenever you need to expand device capacity, employee access or locations, there are virtually no restrictions.

Improve Workflow and Efficiency

Do you want to access your company’s data from any location in the world? Employees can safely transfer, store, move, edit or retrieve information stored inside the cloud anywhere they go. Enter a unique password and gain instant access to the database from a compatible device hooked up to the internet. Your network won’t be become backlogged with several devices pulling information at once, and you can even connect some office equipment such as printers directly to the cloud.

Reduce Operating Costs

No more running up energy costs by running a physical server on-site, or paying a large fee for the upkeep of costly data centers. Permanently store important client or business data in the cloud and only pay for what you use. Reinvest the amount you save on other important business endeavors while increasing your IT processing and efficiency capability.

The Data Storage Solution That Grows With Your Business

Tired of dealing with slow, inefficient or vulnerable storage systems? Implement a mobile workforce optimization solution that offers improved customer experience and limitless employee flexibility by seamlessly transitioning your company’s sensitive information to the cloud. Make the switch today to enjoy this functional, and worthwhile investment to grow your business for years to come.