Boosting YouTube Views by Buying Them


Regardless of what you vide is about, celebrities, your home-made beauty product, your cat, or some cooking recipes, you want it to be seen by a wider audience. While some videos go viral easily, mainly due to their universally appealing content, there are those who have interesting content but fail to get a significant number of views.

Have you been wondering how to gather more views on your channel, this article highlights practical steps to take to get more real youtube views?

Keep the video short

A short sample video on YouTube usually falls between the 30 seconds and two minutes mark. You may be surprised, but it is possible to make a 30-second video that is entertaining and also informative. A lot of viewers on YouTube prefer to watch videos that are short and interesting as opposed to longer ones.

Use a catchy title

The next trick to learn about how to get more YouTube views is to use a catchy title for your video. Remember the following tips when deciding on the title

  • Describe what your video in a short phrase or sentence
  • Use searchable keywords in your title
  • If it’s a tutorial video, start your title with the words’ how to’ to get more viewers
  • Ensure that the title is always relevant to the content in your YouTube video.

Describe the video

A good description will enable search engines to find your video easily because search engine algorithms are built to target words and phrases used in your description when your video is indexed. Use simple languages that your target audience or the average viewer can understand.

Buy YouTube Views

Regardless of all the above, the facts are that racking up views on your videos can be difficult, especially if you’re just new to YouTube and just starting your channel. To address this issue, buying YouTube views come into place. Although buying YouTube views may be a little controversial on the surface, a closer look reveals that views, just like other marketing strategies, are necessary to survive on YouTube, and you’re not the first to discover this strategy as many YouTubers buy views also.

There are various reasons why YouTubers buy views, as a newbie, it could be all about boosting your channel to a wider audience, if you are a business, it could be part of an overall marketing plan that you’re pushing; anyway it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get the views and achieve your designated purpose.

It is worth noting, however, is that whatever you hope to achieve by using YouTube as a platform to promote yourself or business, people prefer to watch videos with more views. For the small channel or newbie to the site, you are set at a disadvantage when you join and hence need to flatten things out. It’s also worth noting that YouTube rankings increase as views and view rate increase; hence, the more views you get, the more your contents are likely to reach its audience without serious promotion. Read how to get fast views on youtube very easy.

If you’re looking to cut through the turmoil’s and painstakingly building a channel, buying cheap legitimate views are always the top option.

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