Bossaball: A Unique and Exciting Sport


Bossaball is a unique acrobatic, and energetic game. It is a mix of sport, music, and lots of fun. The game incorporates the elements of football, gymnastics, and volleyball. It is played on a specially designed platform that is inflatable and has a trampoline in the middle. Bossaball can be played without music, but it is better with Bossa Nova tunes. That’s why it is called bossaball. The sound sets the rhythm of the game, making it the main feature of the sport. 

Did you know that bossaball has been featured alongside major events, not just in sports but also in music, beach, and town festivals? Most of the time, audiences get frightened by players who showcase acrobatic infused serves, shots, and spikes that have much flair and style. In addition to that, the accompanying music of the sport creates a cheerful mood that the audience actively partakes in celebration. If you are interested to learn more about this sport, read on as we’re giving you more information about bossaball. 

Brief History of Bossaball

Bossaball is a fairly new sport that was created by Filip Eyckmans from Belgium. It was officially launched to the world in 2004 and was introduced to different countries in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. It has become popular in countries like Belgium, Spain, Brazil, and the Netherlands. At the present time, the only country that has a major bossaball league is the Netherlands. 

The sport was introduced to Singapore in late 2007. In 2009, Singapore sent a team of players to join the Bossaball World Cup that was held in Turkey. Some of the other countries that participated include Kuwait, Netherlands, Brazil, and Belgium. 

What are the Rules of the Bossaball Sport?

people playing bossaball

The game of bossaball is played between two teams of four players. The goal is for each team to ground the ball on the opponent’s field. The height of the net in between the fields can be adjusted for different levels, such as children, beginners, intermediates, or professionals. The players are not allowed to touch the net, and at least one body part needs to remain on its own side. 

The attacker, which is one player, is positioned on the trampoline while the others around him are on the inflatables. The server, which is a player from the serving team, will throw or kick the ball into the air and will attempt to hit it, so it passes over the net on a course such that it lands on the court of the opposing team. The opposing team, on the other hand, should use a combination five or less touches with the ball to hit it to the other side or team. These contacts can be done using any body part. Here are some examples:

  • Volley Touch: This is touching the ball one time based on the traditional volleyball rules, using lower arms, touch, spike, or drop shot. Throwing the ball or guiding it for more than one second is not permitted. 
  • Football Touch: A football touch is touching the ball up to two times using any body parts except the hands or arms. This means that you can control the ball using your chest and pass it with your head or foot. Any combination of body parts is permitted, as long as there is no contact with the hands or arms. This is counted as one pass. 

In the five maximum contacts, the ball needs to be played at least once using the football touch when the second pass has been played. 

In a rally, the ball is tossed around while one player jumps on the trampoline. The attack will start when one of the rallying players aims the trajectory of the ball to a spot in the air where the person on the trampoline can hit it and return the ball over the net. 

The team that has the ball and is trying to attack it is on offense. The team on defense tries to prevent the attacker from directing the ball into their side. When the ball is hit around, through the block, or above, the defensive players arranged in the rest of the court will try to control the ball with a dig, or a forearm pass of a hard-driven ball, or foot control. When the dig is successful, the team will change to offense. The game will continue until the ball touches the court within the scoring zones or if a mistake is committed. 

The referee in the game of bossaball is similar to volleyball. There are three referees, one primary and two assistants. The main referee is positioned under the net in the playing area. He or she has the final decisions and focuses on the net. The two other assistants are positioned at the opposite ends or corners of the court. They are responsible for keeping track of the maximum amount of contact, the soccer touch, and also decides whether the ball is in or out of bounds. 

How is Bossaball Scored?

person jumping on the trampoline on a game of bossaball

Just like volleyball, the points in a game of bossaball can be made either by scoring or an error by the opponent. When the ball touches the floor within the court boundaries, the team on the opposite side of the net will be given a point. The safety border around the trampoline is a free zone, which is also called the “bossawall,” where the ball may roll or bounce. When the ball lays still on this part, the point will go to the opponent’s team. 

How to score with volley touch:

  • 1 point is given when the ball hits the opponent’s side.
  • 3 points are given when the ball is played directly in the trampoline area of the opponent’s side.

How to score with football touch:

  • 3 points are given when the ball hits the opponent’s side.
  • 5 points are given when the ball is played directly in the trampoline area of the opponent’s side. 

The team that scored will serve the next point. The game continues until a team reaches 21 points. The winning teams need to be two points ahead to be awarded the set. There are three sets in one match. 

Music in a Bossaball Game

Music is a main component of the bossaball sport. The person who oversees the game is referred to as the “samba referee.” In addition to making calls, he also serves as the Master of Ceremonies. He uses a whistle, a microphone, and as well as percussion instruments, and an interesting DJ set.


Bossaball is indeed a challenging but fun sport. It involves a lot of elements, making it very interesting for a lot of people. It is the ultimate mix of soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics. Add in some exotic and groovy music, and it’s all about the fun. We hope this helped you learn more about bossaball. For other unusual but interesting sports, you can check out our list of Unusual Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

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