Brighton Travel Guide


For the best summer getaway near Essex, there’s nothing better than a trip down the seaside resort town of Brighton.

With sunny days and warm temperatures, families with kids and tourists sprawl on its pebble beaches, ready to enjoy a day under the sun, while the city streets are packed with visitors who want to enjoy a day of shopping, eating, and simply strolling around town.

With London and Essex within a few hours’ reach, a coach trip to Brighton aboard South East Coaches from Essex will only take about an hour and 30 minutes. Hop on board and enjoy a day out in the sun in the UK’s “happiest place to live in.”

About Brighton

Brighton is a seaside resort town located on the southern coast of England, and only 2 hours and 20 minutes from London. It was a favorite weekend escape of King George IV, who spent much of his time in Brighton and commissioned the Royal Pavilion to be built in this seaside location.

Brighton has been named the UK’s “hippest city,” “the happiest place to live in the UK,” and the “unofficial gay capital of the UK” for its large population of members of the LGBT community. It has a welcoming culture of the community with plenty of gay bars and pubs located around the city, as well having two major pride festivals a year.

What To Do in Brighton

A Day on the Beach

With crowds flocking to Brighton during the months of July and August, it’s clear to see the city is famous for its seaside appeal. Whether you want to enjoy a day out on the pebble beaches with your family, enjoying a swim, sunbathing, or playing beach volleyball, Brighton’s beaches are certainly among the town’s major highlights.


Brighton is well-known for its shopping opportunities. There are two major areas to shop in Brighton, which are The Lanes and Churchill Square. The Lane is made famous for its narrow alleyways with retail and leisure spaces near the seafront, as well as its vintage and thrift shopping options.

Churchill Square, on the other hand, is a shopping centre with over 80 shops, restaurants, and 1,600 parking spaces.

Historical Landmarks

A visit to the Royal Pavilion is a must when you spend a day in Brighton, where you can revel in the beauty of Georgian architecture.

The Marine Palace and Pier is also another must-visit in Brighton, where you can find arcades, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques with beautiful views of the waters.

Art and Theater

Brighton definitely has a creative vibe and you’ll find a good number of galleries and theatres in town hosting intimate concerts, live acts, plays, and more. The Brighton Dome is one of these venues where music, theatre, and dance performances are frequently held.


Two major festivals take place in Brighton each year, which are The Great Escape and the Brighton Festival. The Great Escape occurs every May and attracts thousands of visitors with its 400-line up of musical guests from all over the world. The Brighton Festival, on the other hand, is a multi-arts festival with arts, theatre, music, literature, dance, film, circus, and family events taking place in Brighton and Hove, also on the same month of May each year.

Brighton is a fantastic seaside summer getaway that offers more than just a pier and beaches, but also culture, history, art, great food, and definitely one of the most enjoyable places on the southern coast of England.

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