Bringing Your Kids For a Road Trip? Here Are Some Tips To Remember


Hats off to the brave parents taking their little ones on a road trip! It’s not surprising that many parents would shy away from taking a trip on the road with their kids, at least till their babies and tots are old enough. And even then it’s still a challenge, but many parents, including you, love the idea and are ready and more than willing to experience the best quality time as a family and go to places you can’t get to by plane, and make some beautiful memories along the way.

We’re just as excited about your trip as you are, so that’s why we want to help you out by giving you some great tips that will ensure some smooth sailing; in this case, some smooth riding.

Be a packing pro:

Any and every trip starts with what you’re going to pack. Packing light is the general rule of travel. Just because you’re going to be in a car or RV doesn’t mean you can pack everything except the kitchen sink. Sure, you can pack in some extras that you might not be able to pack when taking a plane, bus, or train, but you still want to know where everything is and want to have quick access to all belongings. You might like to make use of packing cubes, which organize your items, making them easier to find, and actually create more space than just throwing things into a bag. The secret to good packing isn’t just in what you pack but how you pack. You can separate daily outfits and shoes in different sets of packing cubes, as well as play clothes and PJs. Things you need immediately on the road, like wipes and food snacks, have to be right near you for easy reach. Don’t forget to pack a travel potty, which will save you when your little one needs it.

Car organizer:

When on a family road trip, you should be singing on the road instead of always asking, “Where is my….?” or “Pass me the….” Car organizers are another great little invention that you can add to the road trip with your kids. You can buy them for the front and back seats of the car. That way, anything your kids need will be right next to you or them and easy to reach.

Car seat protectors:

What’s a road trip without some spills and thrills? There’s no doubt you’ll be eating and snacking in the car, and you’re not going to be stopping every time someone wants to drink or eat something. If you’re not a first-time parent, you know exactly what can happen to the car seats. It’s almost too gruesome to describe! Spills, food stains, sticky candies, and perhaps the results of a bit of car sickness can ruin your car seats in no time. A Lusso Gear car seat protector will be a great investment not just for your summer fun road trip, but for the day-to-day wear and tear of car seats. These car seats aren’t just practical, easy to clean, and of high quality, but also comfortable to accommodate even wide seats and have a non-slip texture.

Hop into the backseat:

Obviously, you do this if you’re not the driver! If you have just one child in the back, it can get lonely by themselves. Hopping into the backseat is great for bonding with your children, distracting them from the long drive, and keeping them company for at least part of the trip. If there is another adult present, you can take turns at driving and getting into the backseat every once in a while. With long hours on the road, don’t overdo it by keeping on driving. You can stop every once in a while for some rest and a good stretch.

Check and update apps:

Maybe you want to stay clear from traffic, or maybe you need to fill on gas or find a place to eat. There are plenty of road trip apps that can help you. Many of these apps are a great resource for amenities available at exits and will also give you info on restaurants, gas station stores, hospitals, motels, and more. Many apps will tell you what sightseeing you can do according to your location at the time, so that’s another perk of having a road trip app.

Do something new:

It’s a road trip, so maybe you want to bend the rules a bit so your kids can feel they’re doing something new. If you’ve never played ‘guess that song’ or “I spy with my little eye’ then this is the time for it! Moreover, kids of all ages are going to love to watch a movie or two on a tab, or listen to their music. Be more flexible with the kids and let them do some things that you normally don’t let them do. If you’re worried it’s going to become a habit, chances are if you explain it beforehand and during the trip that this is just an exception because they’re far away from home, they’ll understand.

First-aid kit:

Lastly, you should have common preparations for a road trip. A properly equipped first-aid kit is a no-brainer and a must-have. You should include things in it like Band-Aids of different sizes, tweezers, gauze dressings, and more. You should also have something ready for motion sickness.

You know what they say; half the fun is getting there! These tips will make your journey a safe and fun one by eliminating the things that cause the most stress. With long days on the road, you want everyone to be comfortable, but be prepared to go with the flow when things don’t go exactly as planned. Even if a glitch happens here and there, see the funny and positive side of it! A road trip is a perfect way for you and your kids to appreciate the beauty of the country you’re living in and discover new things within the loving company of a beautiful family.

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