Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, activist, producer and photographer. He was born on November 5, 1959 in Ontario,  Canada. He became famous in Canada and the United States when he released his album Cuts Like a Knife in 1983. Bryan Adams is also responsible for the hit songs “Run To You”, “Summer of 69”, and “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”.

Bryan Adam’s Top Albums and Songs:


  • Bryan Adams (1980)
  • You Want It You Got It (1981)
  • Cuts Like a Knife (1983)
  • Reckless (1984)
  • Into the Fire (1987)
  • Waking Up the Neighbours (1991)
  • 18 til I Die (1996)
  • On a Day Like Today (1998)
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)
  • Room Service (2004)
  • 11 (2008)
  • Tracks of My Years (2014)
  • Get Up (2015)

Hit Songs

  • Summer of ‘69
  • All For Love
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Heaven
  • Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
  • Run To You
  • Here I Am
  • Straight From the Heart
  • I Finally Found Someone
  • Cuts Like A Knife

Bryan Adams has received many awards like a Grammy for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television in 1992. And awards from ASCAP, MTV, and AMA’s. He was also nominated in  the Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards for his songwriting for films and television. Bryan Adams was also inducted into the Canada’s Walk of Fame in 1988 and into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011. He was also in the 38th spot in the Billboard Hot 100 50th Anniversary Charts on January 2010. Bryan Adams is one of the world’s best-selling music artist because he has sold over 75 million albums worldwide.

Life and Career

Bryan Adams started his career when he was 15 when he worked in the Vancouver music scene as a  background vocalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and back up vocals with Motown keyboardist Robbie King and other local artist. Bryan Adams became a vocalist for the pub band Sweeny Todd in 1976. The band got lucky when their song “Roxy Roller” hit the top spot of  the Canadian charts. But Bryan Adams left the band after a year. Since then, he was seen doing gigs with cover bands at nightclubs in Toronto with guitarist Keith Scott.

In 1978, Bryan Adams singed a one dollar record deal with A&M Records. He wrote and recorded songs like “I’m Ready” and “Remember”. Both songs were performed by other artist before Bryan Adams first album was released.

Bryan Adam’s self-titled debut album came out in February 1980. He co-wrote the album with his friend Jim Vallance except for the songs “Remember” and “Wastin’ Time”. Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams also produced the album which became a certified gold in Canada on 1986.

In 1981, Bryan Adams released his second studio album entitled “You Want It You Got It” which he recorded in jus two weeks. He co-produced this album with Bob Clearmountain and the album held the hit single “Lonely Nights”.  

His third album “Cuts Like a Knife” was released in January 1983 was considered to be Bryan Adams’ breakout album because it featured the hit lead single “Straight From The Heart”. The song reached the number 10 spit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Other songs from the album like “Cuts Like a Knife” and “This Time” also entered the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The album “Cuts Like a Knife” placed at the number eight spot on on the Billboard 200 charts and reached a three times platinum status in Canada and a platinum status in the United States.

Bryan Adam’s fourth album “Reckless” which was produced by himself and Bob Clearmountain was released in November 1984 and it reached the top spot of the Billboard 200 charts. It featured the hit singles “Run To You”, “Somebody”, “One Night Love Affair”, “Summer of ‘69” and a song featuring a duet with Tina Turner entitled “It’s Only Love” which was nominated at the Grammys for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group and it won an MTV award for being the Best Stage Performance. This album became one of Bryan Adams’s best-selling album in the US and became a five times platinum album.

In 1991, Bryan Adams released his album Waking Up the Neighbors that was co-produced with Mutt Lange. This album topped different charts around the world. It went in the number one spot in the UK and Germany. The album featured the hit song “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” which spent six weeks at the top spot of the UK Singles Chart. Another song that became successful was “I Thought I Died and Gone to Heaven” which won a Grammy award for being the Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television.

Bryan Adams worked with Rod Stewart and Sting in 1993 for the song “All For Love” to be used in the movie “The Three Musketeers”. In that same year, he released a compilation album entitled “So Far So Good” which topped the charts again in different countries like UK, Australia and Germany. The compilation album featured a new song entitled “Please Forgive Me” which became a number one hit in Australia and grabbed the third spot in the US, UK and Germany.

His other albums were 11 (2008), Bare Bones (2010), Track of My Tears (2014), and “Get Up (2015). He also wrote a the score in the musical Pretty Woman. Bryan Adams’ songs have been featured in more than 100 film and television soundtracks. He is also a photographer for fashion, clothing and advertising campaigns. He is also an animal rights activist and he also participated in concerts and activities to help raise money for different causes.



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