Build on An Empty Block, Save $1000’S


Swimming pools have become a must-have feature or addition for many homeowners. Even homebuyers are more interested in homes with pools than those without. Some key factors support this trend adjustment. The primary one is their use as a place for entertainment. Other benefits of having a pool include adding value to your home and possibly gaining a new exercise space. However, there is a wide gap between considering an existing pool and installing a new pool altogether. In the latter case, there is some insider information you cannot miss out on that will significantly affect your budget.

Suppose you cannot find a good home with an existing pool; you don’t have to fret. That may be an advantage. You have even more prospects if you intend to start from scratch. As long as you have an empty space, simultaneously building your pool and your home or yard gives you a lot of room to make design decisions. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money throughout the process. Here’s how.

First, consider an average cost estimate for installing various types of pools: inground concrete pools require between $35,000 to $100,000, inground fibreglass pools run about $25,000 to $75,000 and above ground pools range from $3,500 to $6,500 for DIY kits. If you want to include a wooden deck, you must budget an additional $2,000.


When you buy a home that already has a pool, you must search for one with a design that appeals to you. Any changes you may want to make can be difficult and costly to execute. On the other hand, if you are starting from the beginning, the empty yard or block of land becomes a blank slate. There is no shortage of designs to choose from. Therefore, you may select the one which suits both your desired aesthetics and pockets best.

Selecting a pool design starts in the showroom. That is where you should consult a pool builder regarding your requirements. You may choose to work with pre-moulded pool shelves, but if you prefer to have a custom design, a concrete shell may be a better choice: each shell, both concrete and fibreglass, costs under $20,000.


Whether you are working with an empty yard by an existing home or a completely vacant lot, installing a new pool requires careful measurement of the space available before digging can begin. In this case, it is best to carry out pool installation simultaneously as other construction projects are happening. This method gives your builders a chance to complete all the work simultaneously.

If you are building your home while commissioning a swimming pool, the more prudent sequence to follow is pool first, house second. To achieve this, first, request that your builder delivers the pool and then positions it. Next, the technicians will complete the installation at a later date. Finally, any excavation can be done when the house is nearing completion. Delivering and positioning the pool before the house construction reduces the cost of each activity significantly since you are working with a little more space.

Alternatively, you may request that the pool is completely installed and finished before the building begins. In this scenario, the builders must cover the pool to prevent debris from falling in once they are done.


Since you have already selected a design the professionals have used to build a shell, a few steps are eliminated from the conventional installation process. Assuming that good weather prevails while the builders put in the pool, the bulk of the work may be completed in about a week, including the addition of underwater lights, pool heaters, entry steps, a ledge and a bond beam. In most cases, the only thing left after this period is finishing. This term refers to the process by which the experts lay the pool flooring of your choice.

These are the total estimated costs based on the scenarios above (the price of labour, excavation and project management is already included):

Shell- $20,000

Finishing – $5,999

Total – $26,000

As you can see, it is possible to get the pool you desire for approximately ten thousand dollars less than the lowest conventional industry estimate.

If you and your chosen pool builder employ some ingenuity, choosing to install a particular inground pool design does not have to break the bank. Consult your local expert today to get a working plan underway. If you all play your cards right, you will have an awe-inspiring pool ready to go in no time!

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