Business Basics – How To Get Started Setting Up Your Own Business


With so many gaps in the current market it only takes one savvy individual who has drive and motivation to develop a successful business. This option applies to all, you don’t necessarily need a college degree or a minimum amount of experience to create your empire, just grit and determination. You do, however, have to research and plan before you set off at 100 kilometres per hour towards your desired end result. Continue reading to find out how to write a business plan and what other steps you’ll need to take before you begin your business adventure and make your dream a reality. 

Self Evaluation 

Taking the time to self evaluate and reflect on your previous ventures will help you better understand what steps you need to take to ensure success. If you worry that there may be some gaps in knowledge and underlying traits that may hinder your climb to the top, that’s ok! By identifying these early and putting measures in place you will ensure they don’t negatively affect your journey will eliminate your risk of failure. Looking at your current situation in relation to work and finances will also help you determine whether you’ll have to raise funds and give you a more accurate time frame to work with. Asking yourself questions about your passions, skills and lifestyle and evaluating the answers will create the foundation for everything that comes next so be honest with yourself!

Market Research 

Research is key. Taking part in thorough market research will help you gather invaluable information about the current climate and inform your decision making processes. Failed business owners admit that using secondary research, online resources only and their family and friends opinions contributed to their downfall. They also regret rushing through the research phase of their business plan and not taking more time to get honest answers. Gathering information about your local competitors from the staff and customers will allow you to get an accurate picture of their product and if it’s what the public wants. Questionnaires and telephone interviews are just a snapshot of methods that you could use to help guarantee success. 

Write A Business Plan

A good business plan should include information about the conception, evolution and progression of your business. Considering many possible eventualities and adding piercing detail will help you create a fit for purpose blueprint. The best place to start is with an executive summary; A high level company description including points that relate to branding strategies, competitor analysis and target audiences. If you’ve completed your market research well, this phase of your plan should be easy to write. Next you should focus on a development plan and finances. This will include a budget for production and service, an outline of how your business will run on a daily basis, what kind of business structure you will incorporate either with an attorney or formation service, LegalZoom and Zenbusiness and projections of profitability. By bringing all this information together and compiling it into a robust business plan you can easily see what steps to take and in which order to ensure success. Most people look at it as a homemade instruction manual to follow in order to succeed. 


Reflecting on yourself, the current climate and taking the time to carefully plan your ideas and vision can make the difference between flourishing and flopping. Grit and determination is essential for success but you can’t rely on this alone. Plan carefully and prepare for your business dreams to come true.

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