Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Ultimate Waterproof Cover for your vehicle


For many of the households, it is a necessary utility to have a suitable car or truck cover to keep your valuable vehicles in fair share during winter. However, for many of us, the real need for a vehicle cover extends far beyond just winter storage. All want to protect our rides from the summer sun, spring pollen, fall leaves, and many do not even have a garage for protecting their vehicles.

Even if you are fortunate to have an ambient space 3-car garage, one should require an add-on layer of protection for the vehicles to guard it against moisture build-up or the scratches and dings caused by the kids or pets. So, the key is to pick an excellent waterproof cover to protect your valuable assets. This has to be done by considering your surroundings, climate, and vehicle type.

Waterproof covers

The first consideration to make while planning to buy a vehicle cover is whether you are planning to park your vehicle inside a garage or outside. The answer to this crucial question will help you choose the best material to meet the waterproofing needs. Indoor and outdoor protection covers the use of different types of fabric and materials to make the same.

An excellent outdoor waterproof cover you choose should help you to protect your vehicle from elements lie:

  • Moisture and rain – These tend to penetrate through the small dents, cracks, and scratches to expedite corrosion.
  • Snow – Also causes faster corrosion.
  • Intense UV rays – These are the sun’s most harmful rays, which will fade the color of your vehicle paint.
  • Pollen – In combination with other airborne elements and moisture, pollen will cause abrasions and scratches, which may further lead to some major damages to the exteriors and interiors of your vehicle.

An ideal outdoor waterproof cover may be woven with a multi-layered design, including fabric, polypropylene, polyester, or plastic materials to protect against rain, moisture, pollen, dust, and sunlight, etc.

If you live in a highly rainy area like the Pacific Northwest, try to pick a cover that offers you optimum water resistance. Also, keep in mind that no cover may be completely waterproof. This is because the vehicle covers have to be made breathable to prevent any condensation. If you have a vehicle subjected to heavy snow, you should choose an optimum water-resistant cover. If you live in a dry area, you may need a cover, which should also help prevent any filtering through the pores. If you live in a sunny area, then ensure that your vehicle cover is providing optimum UV protection.

Along with all these considerations, your vehicle’s usage also plays a vital role in choosing an appropriate cover. If you are a daily user, you may need a lighter material to protect outdoor or indoor storage needs. If you are an infrequent user of the vehicle, you may need to ensure better long-term protection by using a denser cover. As the choices are many, you need to consider it to explore many available options and see the customer reviews and recommendations too before making a choice.


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