Camel Milk Powder: Uses and Where to Buy in the USA


People who are unable to buy fresh camel milk can get camel milk powder in the USA to reap the beverage’s benefits. The high-quality powder contains all those properties that one expects in fresh milk. However, purchasing a genuine product isn’t easy. Several online stores claim to offer genuine powdered camel milk, but only a handful of them can be trusted. In this post, you’ll learn the uses of camel milk powder and the right ways to get it.

The use of camel milk is as old as the animal’s domestication. In the past, several cultures across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia used milk as a replacement for cow’s milk. Even today, nomadic cultures drink camel milk as a source of nutrition to survive in harsh environments.

As the benefits of camel milk are becoming more common than ever, the beverage is commercially produced around the world. In addition to fresh camel milk, there are various other kinds of products derived from it that can be purchased. They include camel milk powder,  frozen camel milk, kefir, soaps, etc.

What is Camel Milk Powder

As the name suggests, it is camel milk in a powdered form. A quality product is made of 100% pure milk, which is gently dried to protect all the nutritional and unique properties of the beverage.

The best camel milk powder in the USA is one that contains the natural color and flavor of fresh camel milk. Nothing is added or removed from the product.

It can be added to warm water to turn it into camel milk. After that, it can be drunk plain or added to desserts.

Uses of Camel Milk Powder

It is Safe for People with Milk Allergies

As per research, lactose intolerants experience troubles when they drink cow’s milk, which is rich in lactose. Apart from that, people with milk allergies can have diarrhoea or bloating if they drink cow’s milk. For these individuals, camel milk is a safe beverage. It is because camel milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk.

It Helps Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Camel milk has been discovered to be helpful for people with insulin sensitivity. Studies found that the beverage can improve insulin sensitivity and help people with diabetes.

The milk type is a rich source of insulin-like proteins. Just one litre of camel milk can provide the equivalent of 52 units of insulin. Also, the beverage supplies zinc, which is associated with improved insulin sensitivity.

It Boosts Immunity

Camel milk contains immune-boosting properties, thanks to proteins like lactoferrin and immunoglobulins in it. These proteins act against disease-causing organisms and improve immunity.

It Helps Fight Autism Spectrum Disorder

Lately, camel milk has been linked to autism spectrum disorder as a treatment. A study found that the beverage plays a notable role in improving autistic behavior in kids with the condition. Apart from studies, mother and author Christina Adams wrote a book, Camel Crazy: A Quest for Miracles in the Mysterious World of Camels, which describes her journey throughout the world to get camel milk for her son with autism. The author wrote that the beverage helped her son.

How to Buy Genuine Camel Milk Powder

As suggested earlier, people who’re unable to get fresh camel milk can buy camel milk powder. While buying it online, buyers must check the product and read camel milk powder reviews to ensure that they invest in the right product. Ensure the powder is made of 100% genuine camel milk. Also, no preservatives should be added to the product.







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