Can Be Trusted with Your Work?

Online writing agencies are quite numerous – any search will return dozens if not hundreds of them. However, finding one you can entrust any serious task to (like a thesis) can be a rather daunting task. The only thing you can use as any kind of landmark when navigating this multitude is reviews written by those who have already used the services of this or that company. Which is exactly why we’ve decided to write about today.

What Makes Stand Out?

The main selling point of this company is the GRADE standard it uses in every aspect of its work. GRADE stands for the five underlying principles:

  • Growth – all texts you buy are aimed at improving your writing skills in the long run;
  • Reliability – all texts are written on time and strictly following the instructions you’ve left in your order;
  • Authenticity – all texts are written from scratch, use real academic sources as their basis and are checked for plagiarism using sophisticated software tools;
  • Diversity – the company employs people of different nationalities, from different countries and with a diverse set of skills and job experiences to ensure there are specialists in every field ready to start working at any moment;
  • Excellence – all texts undergo multiple checks for logical and factual consistency, and all writers regularly have to pass tests to ensure they keep abreast of the latest developments in their fields.

What about Prices?

Prices at are slightly lower than the industry average, as the company promotes the image of accessibility and availability for everyone. Not all students can afford to buy thesis samples from high-end services, and fills in this niche, offering writing of decent quality at prices that won’t eat up half of your budget. When placing an order you have to, however, take notice of the factors that define its price, as it can help you pay less if you play your cards right. The price is determined mostly by the assignment’s academic level and how soon the order has to be finished. By coming early and placing an order when there is still time to spare, you not only get a more relaxed timetable but also save your money.

What Else Can Offer Me?

As for the set of features per se, this company offers more or less the usual set:

  • Around-the-clock availability – you can contact them at any time using a number of methods, including email, live chat, internal messaging system, phone and even fax. Customer support consists of people who are well-acquainted with the inner workings of both the service and the industry in general. If necessary, they can give you advice or help you place an order if you struggle with some elements of the ordering system;
  • Readiness to accept feedback – after your order is finished you are free to impart your opinion on what you liked and disliked. Your feedback will be used to improve the service in future;
  • The money back guarantee – you can submit a refund request at any stage of the order; depending on the amount of work already done and the reason for your request, you can receive a full or partial compensation. You can read more on the relevant page;
  • Confidentiality guarantee – the company is very particular about keeping your personal and financial information secret from any and all third parties. You don’t have to worry about the safety of either your money or the data you transfer to the service.
  • Free revisions – if the writer makes some mistakes and you want your thesis revised, it will be done free of charge.

What Else Can Be Said about

If you wonder if you should place an order with this company, we can tell you this: it is certainly much more trustworthy than the majority of agencies working in this industry we had an opportunity to deal with. The writing quality ranges from decent to very good, depending on the individual writer, the speed with which orders are fulfilled is impressive, and when taken in conjunction with pricing policy becomes even more attractive. All in all, this writing service is a good investment of your money – if you need a thesis sample, you are most likely to receive it on time and be satisfied with the results.