Can eSports Win Big in 2021?


The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in 2021. Many things are currently very different to how we knew them in the past, and some may never be the same again.

One industry that has changed a lot is the sports industry. Many leagues and competitions have been suspended or cancelled during this crisis.

That has led to sports fans and gamblers having little to watch and wager on. However, there is one industry that has managed to keep going and provide gamblers and sports fans with something.

This is the eSports industry. Main events usually take place in the arena, although there is the option for players to take each other on from home, which is what has been happening recently.

Those who enjoy playing the latest games at home are now turning to watching others play them, and even betting on them. 

With no other options, eSports have seen more people tune in, could this industry use that and win big in 2021?

The Flexibility of eSports

One of the great success stories of 2021 will go down as being eSports. Why? Because it is the most flexible sport we have. Everything can be done remotely, and this is what we are currently seeing.

Yes, having a big tournament in an arena with the competitors at the side of each other and fans in attendance is great, but that is not needed at all.

Instead, competitors can play remotely from their own homes, without the need to leave the house. They don’t have to be in contact with their competitors at all, and fans don’t need to attend because they can watch a live stream.

We have some huge eSports stars out there, but they can all work from home if needed.

Increased Interest from Gamblers

Many people like to bet. With no sport, the options are limited, especially for those who have no interest in casino games.

However, eSports have managed to step in and help out, giving the bookmakers something to stream live to their customers and offer bets on. Many bookmakers offer bonuses for eSports allowing you to use them on a variety of different worldwide events. 

These two are just some of the games covered by bookmakers, and the service has been increased further during 2021.

For those who bet on sports around the world such as the NHL, European football leagues, and many other things, eSports have provided a sporting distraction and something to follow.

This has been a very good period for eSports, they have people on board who have never been interested in the past, but the tough task now is to keep those people interested.

The Future of eSports Moving Forward

The industry will be hoping to keep their momentum going and use that to build an even bigger and better platform in the future.

People have been taking an interest in eSports during 2021 that have never been interested before. The key is to try and keep those people engaged and interested in the future.

This of course won’t be easy, because other sporting events will eventually return to action, but there is a chance to keep some on board.

Another line of enquiry to try and grow eSports needs to be speaking with bookmakers. During a tough time for them, eSports kept them going and provided content for them.

Could the profits that bookmakers made during that period be re-invested in eSports, with new events created or sponsorship deals to boost prize money?

There is no doubt that eSports have been some kind of saviour for bookmakers, hopefully they get something in return for that in the future.

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