Can I Order Medical Marijuana Online In California?

Today we are satisfying your need to know: Can I order medical marijuana online in California? The simple answer is, yes you can. We all know ordering anything online allows you to make a convenient, easy, and decisive purchasing decision. If you’ve never ordered medical or recreational marijuana online before, you may feel like you have hit information overload. Luckily for readers like you, we are going to break down all the details you need to know so you can make your online medical marijuana purchase effortless and efficient.

Medical Marijuana Age Requirements in California

Registered marijuana patients and adult-use recreational consumers have two different sets of regulations for marijuana use in California. If you are 18 years of age or older, you may qualify as a marijuana patient. If a California 18-20 year old patient’s medical condition qualifies as requiring medical marijuana for treatment, they may purchase medical marijuana. Since November 2016, adults aged 21 and older can purchase marijuana for either recreational or medicinal purposes.

How Can I Legally Purchase Cannabis in California?

Once legal age or medicinal requirements are met, consumers may purchase marijuana in store or at an online dispensary. As long as consumers purchase their weed from a licensed dispensary and use products only in the state of California, it is completely legal to consume. To ensure you are protected by state laws, you will need to be sure to keep your products in the state of California and to only purchase from a licensed dispensary. If you are purchasing in store and traveling home, you must be able to prove where you made your purchase in order to be protected by state law. Many customers choose to purchase their cannabis online in order to avoid these worries, as most users use cannabis to chill and want to focus on relaxation.

How Can I Purchase Medical Marijuana Online?

Online cannabis companies allow the use of several forms of payments, so you have some options. However, most cannabis users opt for online currencies such as Bitcoin to avoid any troubles that may occur with credit card companies. Credit card companies require payments from your bank account which in turn are tied to federal regulations. Because credit cards are essentially tied to federal regulations, each follows their own set of guidelines while reviewing your transactions. Even though cannabis is legal in California, it is not legal federally. If you can find a credit card company that will approve your marijuana transaction (many won’t) you may be subjected to additional tax or even may have your accounts temporarily suspended. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin side step those regulations and allow you to make your online cannabis purchase easily with no oversight. Be sure to find an online dispensary like Kushfly, an online dispensary based in Southern California, that allows you to purchase with several options like Bitcoin, credit cards, and cash on delivery so you can have the seamless online cannabis purchase you deserve.

Medical Marijuana Online Delivery

Be sure to visit trusted online dispensaries who carry only the best selection of medical marijuana products. If you ever head over to the West Coast of the United States, be sure to check out the best medical marijuana delivery in Los Angeles, Kushfly. Kushfly is on demand and is known for its rapid and discreet under 45 minute delivery with same day delivery available in SoCal. They consistently deliver premium products, go above and beyond when providing customer service, and cater weekly and daily personalized discounts to consistently provide ways to expand your medical marijuana experience.