Can Instagram ban your account?

Being on Instagram is a sign that you either want a platform to share memories with loved ones or you want to monetize your content. If you are trying to monetize your content and grow your account, then you need to read the community guidelines and terms of use that Instagram has established. Instagram can block your account, but there are ways around it.

What happens when you are blocked?

When Instagram blocks you, you cannot upload content or like any content. You can be temporarily blocked then retrieve your account. Instagram can also delete your account if they have stopped your account before and you repeat the transgression. If you think that Instagram blocked your account without a good reason, you can contact them and appeal their decision. Here we enlist some precautions to follow so that your account does not get blocked:

Buying Followers

It is a trend that many people follow. To grow your account, you can buy likes, comments, and followers. Unfortunately, this can get you blocked. Instagram is against the use of bots and scripts, and unfortunately, this is how most companies that sell likes and followers can provide this service. If you are going to buy followers, use a company that works with real people. Buzzvoice works with millions of people worldwide, and they have customer service that will walk you through purchasing followers. Buy Instagram followers for cheap prices from BuzzVoice if you want to grow your account quickly without the daily grinding.

Too generous with your likes and follows?

There is a maximal limit to the number of likes you can do in an hour. The same applies to the number of comments, follows, and direct messages that you send per hour. If your account is relatively new, do not be over-enthusiastic with the follow and like button. You may be trying to grow your account by following people so they follow you back, but as a new user, your limit is 30 likes, follows, and comments per hour. If you have been using the app for a long time, the limit that you have is 60 likes, follows, and comments per hour. If you go over the limit, Instagram will block your account.

Being reported

There is an option to report content because it is either spam or inappropriate content. Instagram wants to create a safe community for all users, following community guidelines and terms of use. If you post inappropriate content and people report your post, you will be blocked from Instagram. The best way to ensure that people do not report your page is to follow Instagram’s code of conduct and not get involved in petty squabbles. People may report you for a misunderstanding or insults hence the need to be careful. If many people do it, your account will be blocked and deleted by Instagram. User complaints are taken seriously by Instagram.

The takeaway

With Instagram, you need to be courteous and follow the rules and provided regulations. To grow your account, stay away from companies that use bots and automation. When Instagram detects the use of bots, you will lose your account, and all the money you would have spent would have been in vain. If you get a warning and several temporary bans, Instagram will delete your account.