Can Netflix Be Dangerous for Your Kids?

Parents are usually concerned about what their children watch on television. Unfortunately, parents have a growing concern that American Netflix can be dangerous for children.

But there are some concerns about the influence of TV series and movies on our kids and teens. Since the platform is producing high-quality TV shows and movies, it’s no wonder the young audience can get hooked.

Yet, there is no question that Netflix has been a game-changing technology. Hence, Netflix’s global subscriber base reached 213 million in 2021, far exceeding the subscriber base of any cable network worldwide.

So as you might imagine, there are also some concerns about how Netflix impacts the lives of children.

Hence, in this article, I will explain why Netflix can be dangerous for kids and share with you some ways to protect your children from the dangers of watching too much TV.

Understanding the Netflix Maturity Rating System

While it’s easy to get lost watching your favorite Netflix series, the truth is that Netflix can be dangerous for your kids.

So the first thing parents need to know about streaming services like Netflix or HULU is that they aren’t free from inappropriate content.

Also, you will find that Netflix is not alone in letting its users access inappropriate content. YouTube has also had its share of experiences. That’s why parents need to understand the difference between age-restricted and age-sensitive content.

Netflix created a rating system for maturity levels. The resulting maturity levels used to target specific groups with certain types of content. In addition, Netflix has a detailed description of the maturity level for their content that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

The ratings are pretty self-explanatory:

  • G is for General Audiences
  • PG is for Parental Guidance
  • PG-13 is for Parents Cautioned Strongly
  • R is for Restricted
  • NC-17 is for No One 17 and Under Admitted.

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The Dangers of Watching Movies and TV Shows on Netflix for Kids

On the surface, Netflix seems like a great streaming service for kids. After all, they have many shows targeted toward children and families. But Netflix isn’t only live-action children’s programming; you can find a lot of adult content on their network as well.

A recent investigation by the experts has found that many popular child-targeted shows have episodes rated for adults only. As a result, the site has a large selection of adult-themed content, alongside family-friendly content.

Yet, you can change the setting to hide mature content from kids, but if you don’t know how your children will be exposed to it.

Similarly, some parents get concerned when their kids spend too much time watching TV shows online. Instead, they want their kids to go outside and indulge in outdoor or healthy activities.

Having a few hours of screen time per day is normal for kids, and educational shows can fill these time slots and entertain them. Thus, Netflix has made it easier for people to watch content.

In an age where we’re all busier than ever, you can’t blame people for wanting to watch a movie or a show without having to go out of their way.

How to Protect Kids from Adult Content on Netflix

With Netflix’s popularity growing every day, parents need to know how to create kid-friendly profiles on their devices. This way, they can keep their kids from missing out on adult shows while still protecting them from more mature content.

In this article, we’ll go over how to set up a Netflix profile for each of your children. We’ll also provide some tips for creating the most effective filters for each child:

Setting Up Netflix Kids-Mode

Netflix has added a new feature that allows parents to set up profiles for their kids. It’s called Kids Mode, and it’s a fun and easy way to browse titles with your children. When you turn on Kids Mode, you see age-appropriate titles in a colorful, easy-to-use interface.

Regulate the Playback Settings

Netflix will recommend more shows based on what you’ve already watched. So if you don’t want your kid watching inappropriate content, you can control what shows they watch by altering the Changing playback settings.

Lock Your Netflix Profile

Your children can find a way to access your Netflix account and watch content that they are not allowed. Thus, you can block your children from accessing your Netflix account by adding a passcode to lock your profile.

Keeping Track of Watch History

To help parents restrict young kids from seeing mature content on Netflix can be done by altering the viewing restrictions on the Netflix account. You can also keep track of how your kids are accessing the content on Netflix.

With these measures, you can be worry-free while your child uses Netflix.