Can You Go Swimming with a Colostomy?

If you’re looking for a short answer, then yes, you can go swimming with a colostomy. However, I wouldn’t go jumping in the pool just yet if I were you. It’s normal to be apprehensive of getting your ostomy in water or experiencing a leak in the pool. You’re new to this, cut yourself some slack. Surgeons advise that once your incisions have healed, you can do just about anything. Are you thinking about getting back into the pool? You will certainly love colostomy swim wraps. Keep reading to find out more about how you can confidently go swimming with your colostomy.

Finding the Perfect Swimsuit

Finding the right swimwear may not be as easy as you expect. You will need something that keeps you comfortable and looks good on you depending on your stoma’s position. If you just want to show up to a beach without getting wet, you can use throws or beach wraps to help you feel more confident. However, you don’t necessarily need to cover up. You can use a colostomy swim wrap to hold your pouch in place and conceal it. The ostomy bag will be so evenly attached to your abdomen that no one will be able to notice it.

Try on Your Swimwear at Home

You don’t want to realize how uncomfortable your swimsuit is after getting into the pool. That is why we recommend trying it on at home to make sure it fits how you want it. That being said, your stoma should not prevent you from enjoying some well-deserved time in the pool.  Fasten your pouch to the colostomy swim wrap and wear your swimsuit in the shower. Move around to make sure you have enough free room to swim without ripping anything.

Next, turn on your shower for a taste of how your ostomy feels when wet. You can practice as many times as you need to before you find the right fit. Colostomy swim wraps are easy to wear and, we daresay, quite flattering. If you like how you look and feel in your swimsuit, nothing can stop you from having a great time.

Ensure Your Pouch is Secure

Your colostomy bag is not guaranteed to stay in place throughout the day. In fact, most patients report having their pouches shift positions when they move about. That is why a good number of colostomy patients use adhesive tape to keep their pouches in place. This no different when it comes to swimming. Although your swimsuit may fit a lot more snuggly than most of your clothes, it is unrealistic to expect it to keep your pouch firmly supported.

That is why you need to make sure your pouch remains intact with a colostomy swim wrap. Like stoma belts, these wraps hold your pouch in place and ensure the seal remains intact in and out of the water. What’s more? They are waterproof for added comfort. You can fill your bathtub with water and try different positions to test if the seal remains intact. If you have fastened your swim wrap correctly, you should be able to move around with no snugs or leakages.

Change Confidently

We understand that you might be self-conscious about changing in front of other people. Your stoma is nothing to be ashamed of. However, you can change with a long shirt on, drape a towel over one side to conceal the stoma, or even wear your swimsuit under your clothes at home. Whatever you do, remember your comfort is of utmost importance. Wearing a colostomy swim wrap can help you conceal your stoma and pouch bag so you can comfortably change wherever you are.

Tips on Swimming with a Colostomy

  • Your colostomy bag is water-resistant. As such, you can rest assured that water will not enter your stoma or harm it in any way.
  • Ensure the seal is firmly secured to prevent leakages in the water
  • It would be best to empty your pouch before you go swimming. If you are anxious about output, consider eating a few hours before you get into the water.
  • Pack extra supplies to prevent minor inconveniences
  • Try colostomy swim wraps for a stress-free time in the water

So, you’ve been invited to a pool party or day at the beach and, you are freaking out. Relax. Colostomy swim wraps exist so you can wear your swimsuit in confidence and go have the time of your life. Your pouch will remain hidden, intact, and leak-free.