Can you put a saw blade on a tile saw?


Yes, you can put a saw blade on a wet tile saw to cut through several materials. The diamond blade provided with the tile saw can help you cut any tiles at high speed as it has better sharpness, can easily cut materials, and does not chip while cutting tiles. But it does not denote you necessarily need a diamond blade to cut tiles and other materials. You can cut tiles with any saw blade which has an angle grinder. A tile saw is mainly used to cut tiles, stone, marble, building materials, etcetera. Wet and dry cutting tools can both use these blades.

Tile cutting saw blade

The best saw blade to cut tiles is the Diamond blade. But you can use other blades like glass cutters, manual tile cutters, angle grinders, wet saws, etc. It will be best to remember that they have different methods and advantages.

For example, Glass cutters are inexpensive, so that you can go for this one short on budget. At the same time, manual cutters are sufficient for ceramic tiles and accurate cuts. These are not the only tile cutters Einhell, Vitrex, Bellota, Bosch, Rubi Star, and so on.

There is an endless variety of tile cutting saw blades, and each of them has different advantages and ways to be used. Using them according to the manual provided with it will give better results. Other saw blades have distinct advantages and some disadvantages too. Before choosing any saw blade, try to figure out its features.

Best tile cutting saw

The debatable topic is which one is the best tile cutting saw? There are better options with higher features in saw blades. It is expected to get confused about which one to select. Every saw blade has a specific role and is the best in their fields. Just the way Diamond blades are the best to cut tiles, on the other hand, Standard circular saw blades are the best for cutting woods.

Likewise, many more saw blades are professionals in their jobs. The Freud 40 tooth Diablo blade is an all-purpose blade among all of these. It works at great speed and offers high-quality sharpness and clean cutting. So, this can be called one of the best saw blades for the time being.

My favorite saw blade for tile cutting

If I had to cut tiles for my personal use, I’d choose Diamond blades as it’s the best for cutting tiles and has an elegant cutting with a very high speed and quality. As you can use it with an angle grinder, you can use it to cut other materials such as glass, bricks, ceramic, asphalt, and so on.

A process known as sintering is used to combine synthetic diamond crystal powder with metal powder to make the cutting teeth. The Diamond blade is superior to the other blades in terms of heat absorption.

My favorite saw blade for wood cutting

I prefer to use a standard circular saw blade to cut wood efficiently. It is a 7-1/4 inch saw blade for all-purpose use; however, it’s excellent for cutting woods. Because of its teeth, which are 1/8 inches tall and rotate at high speed.

For those who use handheld saws, the blades usually take Carbide-tipped. But for Circular saw blades for metal-cutting chop saws, it takes 14inch silicon carbide as another option aluminum oxide abrasive blades. So that’s why I think Standard circular saw blades are a better option for cutting wood.

Precautions while using a saw blade

  • Before cutting, make sure that the saw reaches its full speed.
  • Stay focused on your work. Even the slightest carelessness can cause severe injuries.
  • Avoid wearing ornaments that are loose-fitting and can come off easily. These might get caught by the blades.
  • Wear gloves and make sure the gloves have a tight-fitting.
  • Do not clean the blades with your hands. Use a hard brush or a push stick instead.
  • Make sure the knives you’re using are razor-sharp. Dull blades cause kickbacks.
  • Be careful about switching off the power button after you are done working.


Where can I find a saw blade?

Answer: You can easily find a saw blade in any store near you. You can even order these online. Almost all wood and steel tech solutions platforms have saw blades in stock.

Why do people need saw blades?

Answer: Saw blades are typically used for cutting materials

(Steel/Tiles/woods). Different types of saw blades serve other purposes.

How many teeth does a saw blade have?

Answer: Saw blades are of different sizes. The teeth count of the blade depends on its size and type. In general, a 10 inches saw blade should have 50 teeth, and a 12 inches saw blade should contain 60 teeth.


A saw blade is an essential equipment for tile/wood cutting. It would be best if you had different blades for various purposes. Therefore several saw blades are made to help you accomplish your task. Choose the one that best meets your needs. But before using a saw blade, you must take safety measures and properly follow all the rules and regulations.

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