Can You Win Big at Online Slots?


A lot of people dream of winning big at online lot, just like winning a lottery, for instance. So, do you really have much of a chance of a big win? Do people really take home those huge jackpots you see advertised?

Well, the short answer is “yes”. There is an opportunity to win a lot of money on online slots, and progressive slots, but it is not likely, especially if you are gambling low sums. That said, the chances are better on some games than others so there is a better chance if you are able to wisely select the games you play.

Understanding the slot game you are playing is vital.

Choose Games With Progressive Jackpots

A progressive slot jackpot is usually the chance to win big, and there are examples of people doing exactly that. Progressive jackpot games online including Mega Moolah have made plenty of people millionaires over the years.

Of course, casinos have to make a profit so you aren’t necessarily likely to win, but there is a chance, and you have to be in it to win it.

Some casino games don’t have progressive jackpots where the amount of money in the fund builds up. In these examples, your winnings are usually limited based on how much you have wagered. If you bet $1 per spin, and the limit of the win is 10,000x, the most you can get is $10,000 dollars. This is still a great win, of course, but if you are looking for truly big wins, you need different options.

Mini-games and bonus games are a big part of the industry for the same reason, these mini-games are usually a way to increase your chance and these may be how the bigger jackpots are won.

Understand That You Might Get Better Returns on Other Games

A lot of people like to play games with huge jackpots, and this makes perfect sense, who wouldn’t want the big win? Actually, some of the bigger jackpot games have a lower Return to Player (RTP).

The RTP is how much (as a percentage) of the money wagered goes back to the players of the game over time. Of course, whether you are fortunate enough to get a win is a separate issue, but your chances are better on games with high RTPs.

If you are happy playing a game with an RTP of 88-90% then you may find bigger potential bonuses, but the likelihood of winning money back will be lower. On games with RTPs of 95-96%, you’ve got a much better chance of winning something.

Can You Increase Your Chances?

Online slots are a game of chance, so you don’t have a method to try to increase your slots winning odds other than choosing the right games, and understanding the risk involved.

For instance, to win the biggest bonuses and the larger jackpots, it might be the case that you need to gamble your existing winnings in mini-games. This comes with pros and cons, and it is possible that you will lose your winnings.

Your tolerance to risk is definitely something to consider when asking if you can win big at online slots. If you’re happy and able to risk more you may increase the chances a bit, but a big win is far from being a sure thing.

Gamble Responsibly and Safely

Finding a safe online casino is the first step. They should be able to demonstrate excellent independent reviews and also a security certificate. Check their licence and that they are allowed to operate in the area where you are based.

Of course, gambling your money needs to be done in a really safe and secure way. You can certainly find support out there if you need it to ensure responsible gambling. Only bet what you can afford to lose, especially if you are shooting for the stars and playing for bigger jackpot games.

Unfortunately, we can’t ever guarantee the win, so it is even more vital that you are realistic with your expectations. The good news is that it does happen to some people, and big wins are out there, even if rare, somebody’s gotta win.

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